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The Guardian on vaping

Vaping is not proven  to be healthy however they’re not as harmful or dangerous as tobacco reports The Guardian on 23rd February 2015.

A report by Linda Bauld , Professor of Health Policy at the University of Stirling and Deputy Director of the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, was published by The Guardian on vaping. 
“There is no proof to date that vaping is as dangerous as tobacco. This is one of the underlying facts.”
Smoking tobacco will shorten lives by on average 10 years, further, secondary smoke particles exhaled contain tar particles and some toxic gases that can affect those in the near vacinity.
It has been acknowledged by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence and the Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Association that e-cigarettes are safer than continued tobacco smoking. This is a fact and one that is supported by tobacco control organisations in the UK. To state otherwise is false.
The Guardian on vaping continued with :
“This does not mean e-cigarettes are risk free, but few things are. What it does mean is that their use is safer than continued smoking.”

Is Liquid Nicotine safe?

Liquid nicotine comes from the same tobacco leaf and the main danger today is if the packaging is not child safe. However let us not forget that there are many poisons in our everyday household products.

The Guardian on vaping continued with some interesting fact from US:  there were 2.6 million calls to poison control centres in 2013 and 0.06% of these related to nicotine products including e-liquids.  We do agree that these e-liquids need to be safely packaged and clearly labelled, and users need to keep these products away from children.

Should it be banned in public places?

One fact to consider here is that vaping vapour is not the same as second hand smoke. It is not smoke, it is vapour and there is no good evidence that exposure is harmful to bystanders (particularly outside, as in NHS grounds). Let us not state otherwise.
We believe it is not long before an electronic cigarette (or equivalent)  will be licensed as a cessation device- then such public bans will be unworkable.
What we don’t want now is to discourage smokers from trying a device that could stop them from smoking….reports The Guardian on vaping in their February 23rd article.
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The Spectator on vaping

Very interesting and well written piece of news for our industry from the Spectator on vaping. The Spectator debates the challenges faced by e-cigs, vaping and other innovative ways of delivering nicotine without the dangers of burning tobacco. Some interesting statistics also reveal how the popular Swedish ‘snus’ which provides an alternative to burning tobacco has lowered the death rate of men in Sweden to the lowest in Europe. Despite the health benefits of snus compared to Tobacco most of Europe has made the use of snus illegal. The Spectator takes a look at the Swedish phenomena in relation to the current debate on e-cigs and vaping.

E-Cig users and vapers will find the article well worth reading and the facts presented in the article would be useful in educating general opinion on e-cigs and vaping:

Read: E-Cigarettes Saves Live

And check out the video they posted in their article: youtube clip

The Spectator on Vaping – The bottom line

The bottom line for the Spectator on vaping is that Tobacco kills and Nicotine does not. The article has done well to strengthen their position on the health benefits of e-cigs with numerous facts and figures.

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Politics of e-cigarettes

In the last week we have seen further discussions on e-cigarettes, in this blog we refer to the politics of e-cigarettes for many reasons.  It first started with the study of mice that was published in various newspapers and online forums.

Interesting to read the BBC news feed which stated that “In experiments on mice, scientists found that e-cigarette vapour could harm the lungs and make them more susceptible to respiratory infections.”

The word that must be stressed here is could, similar to ‘maybe’, which means that it is not a fact. On the daily feed from vaping news the story evolved into facts.The screen shot

Politics of e-cigarettes the recent headlines shows how it transformed into a fact. See how BBC news “could” becomes Sky News “Are”…


The ongoing debate of e-cigarettes spilled over into the Parliament and naturally lead to further Politics of e-cigarettes. In light of all the negative publicity last week, e-cigarettes can be used in Parliament. MPs and staff will be allowed to vape in three areas- these are the Portcullis House building, MP’s offices and their main pub Stranger’s.


Circulating on facebook and newspapers are surveys and perceptions of addictions and bad habits. Last week we came across the public vs scientists’ views

chart showing public and science opinions on drug harm

Further, the Mirror has continued to ask the public opinion, should e-cigarettes be banned. Image posted for the update as of 10th April 2015.

should e-cigs be banned? survey on

The Politics of E-cigarettes continues…


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