Vaping Regulations Hit Spain

Different countries have different approaches to vaping. But Spain’s new legislation looks set to be among the stricter approaches taken. The Tobacco Products Directive is now well-known among vapers across Europe. The Spanish version of this is known as the Royal Decree 579/2017, and it came into force on 11th June this year.

It means Spaniards won’t be able to buy atomisers larger than 2ml soon. Furthermore, vapers will be limited to a maximum container size of 10ml when purchasing e-liquids. British vapers will probably be able to identify with these regulations, but the situation in Spain could be about to get a lot more challenging.

If the Spanish government has its way, it will bring in a total ban on selling all vaping products online. Since many people resort to getting their vaping products online, this will present a major challenge to those who are vaping to help them quit smoking. Indeed, some have warned it may be possible that some will go back to smoking. Additionally, as there are few vaping shops in Spain, some might be tempted to resort to buying vaping products from the black market. This could potentially be dangerous – and Spain is not the first country to experience this possible hazard.

Many countries are unduly harsh with e-cigarette regulations. Some believe it is as dangerous to health as smoking, even though all the evidence suggests otherwise. Making it harder for people to vape is not supporting those who wish to give up smoking. Indeed, it is likely the temptation of getting cigarettes within walking distance will be too much when compared to the long journeys some may be faced with to get their vaping equipment.

What do you think about the potential for this new legislation to affect vapers in Spain? Will you be affected by it? Let us know.