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The Spectator on vaping

Very interesting and well written piece of news for our industry from the Spectator on vaping. The Spectator debates the challenges faced by e-cigs, vaping and other innovative ways of delivering nicotine without the dangers of burning tobacco. Some interesting statistics also reveal how the popular Swedish ‘snus’ which provides an alternative to burning tobacco has lowered the death rate of men in Sweden to the lowest in Europe. Despite the health benefits of snus compared to Tobacco most of Europe has made the use of snus illegal. The Spectator takes a look at the Swedish phenomena in relation to the current debate on e-cigs and vaping.

E-Cig users and vapers will find the article well worth reading and the facts presented in the article would be useful in educating general opinion on e-cigs and vaping:

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And check out the video they posted in their article: youtube clip

The Spectator on Vaping – The bottom line

The bottom line for the Spectator on vaping is that Tobacco kills and Nicotine does not. The article has done well to strengthen their position on the health benefits of e-cigs with numerous facts and figures.

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