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New Study Claims Vaping Has a Fraction of the Risk Associated with Tobacco Cancer

A new study has produced yet more good news for anyone who has ditched smoking and switched to vaping – particularly if they’ve done so for health reasons. The study discovered that normal vaping posed less than 1% of the risk of developing cancer, when compared to smoking. ‘Normal vaping’ refers to the use of electronic cigarettes at normal power levels.

The study was conducted by Dr William Stephens at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. The results were published in the Tobacco Control journal. Dr Stephens analysed the emissions that typically came from a cigarette and compared them with those coming from an e-cigarette. The research concluded that the risk of developing cancer through vaping is almost as low as it would be for those who quit smoking with the aid of nicotine replacement therapies. This includes nicotine dispensed via gum and via patches.

The evidence mounts up

We have already seen plenty of evidence that points to vaping as a far safer alternative to smoking. The study did point out that anyone who vapes at a very high power will be exposed to a greater risk factor, but this is not new to the community. This has already been proven, since aldehydes are then produced at much higher levels.

As such, the study does not tell us anything we did not already know or suspect. It merely provides yet more proof that vaping is much better for you than smoking. Some would say it is better not to do either, but if you have been trying and failing to quit smoking and you successfully switch to vaping, your cancer risk drops by 99%. That is an amazing amount, and will no doubt make vapers feel more confident about their choice.

Will the anti-vaping groups pay attention?

This is probably the biggest question. And it is likely one we already know the answer to. Many countries have banned vaping in public places, and that is not about to change anytime soon. The UK is more welcoming to vapers than some countries we could mention, and it is more commonly suggested as an aid to helping people quit smoking.

But since some are already dismissing the research completed at the University of St Andrews, it seems likely we still have an uphill battle to fight to promote vaping as a better alternative to smoking. You cannot get much better than a cancer risk reduction of 99%, as evidenced in this study. Yet those who want to ban vaping and make it harder for people to get hold of supplies will no doubt continue to fight their corner on this.

What is your reaction to this study? Are you pleased to see how much safer electronic cigarettes are compared with tobacco products? Let us know your thoughts below, and tell us why you switched to vaping. Was it because you were hoping to improve your health and reduce the risk of illness, as this study indicates is possible?

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Commuters Caught Vaping on Trains Could Face Court Action

Most people have probably seen others vaping on trains, and while vaping is far removed from smoking, it appears London Midland is going to target passengers who insist on doing it.

The train operator announced it was going to cut out anti-social behaviour exhibited by a small minority of passengers using its services. Vaping is not the only behaviour to be targeted, either. People who insist on riding bicycles along platforms, or put their feet up on train seats, will also be cautioned under the new ruling. It was brought into action from 7th August, and was a direct result of complaints being received by other passengers.

Many people will have heard of railway bylaws, but few will know what they are. They have been in force for decades, but as a spokesman for London Midland pointed out, they aren’t usually enforced. Now, the train operator is looking at changing that.

We suspect vaping wasn’t even an idea when those laws were introduced, so we’re not quite sure how that fits into the theme. However, if it is viewed as anti-social, passengers who insist on doing it could be cautioned. Moreover, persistent offenders may end up in court with the risk of being prosecuted.

This may have been positive news for London Midland, but on 10th August it was announced it had lost its rail franchise in the West Midlands. The operator will cease to run the franchise from December, so we now have the question of whether the new operator – West Midlands Trains Ltd – will take up the gauntlet run by the outgoing company this week.

What are your views on vaping on trains? Do you think it should be included as anti-social behaviour? Have you ever been asked not to vape on a train? Let us know your thoughts.

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Is it Safe to Vape Around Your Pets?

If you’re a pet owner, you probably already know there are plenty of things you should keep them away from. Certain foods, products, and even plants can be harmful to cats and/or dogs. But what about vaping supplies? Should you keep your pet out of harm’s way when you’re vaping?

Well, firstly, it should go without saying that all vaping equipment should be kept well out of the way of all pets. Cats have a habit of getting into some very interesting places – even those you wouldn’t think they could get to. There have been some harrowing stories reaching the news of late referring to pets who have died after getting into their owner’s vaping supplies. The nicotine content in e-liquids can be fatal to pets (and to children), which is why they should always be safely stored out of sight and somewhere that cannot be accessed by pets.

Little research to go on

At present, very little research has been done into the effects vaping and vaping supplies may have on pets. However, one study did reveal that propylene glycol – an ingredient used in the creation of e-liquids – can lead to anaemia in cats.

We know nicotine is a dangerous substance, so it stands to reason this would apply to animals, too. Indeed, any amount of nicotine ingested by an animal can easily be fatal, so make sure you keep all your supplies well out of reach. Ideally, choose a drawer they cannot get into.

How to keep your pets safe

Many vapers wonder about the clouds of vapour that are created when they exhale while vaping. Some pets are fascinated with these, while others don’t seem too bothered. However, there is no evidence yet to indicate whether pets are safe around people who are vaping.

So, you might want to bear that in mind and vape somewhere where you have lots of fresh air. Open a window, or sit outside and vape, rather than while your pet is enjoying fusses on your lap.

It also makes sense to exercise great care whenever you vape. If you need to refill your electronic cigarette, do so while your pet is out of the room, or out of range of the refill. If you dropped it, your pet could be onto it before you even have a chance to stop them. It doesn’t take much to kill a pet, either. One unfortunate owner of a young puppy lost their pet when they dropped some e-liquid on the floor. The puppy had the smallest amount, and while the owner took the puppy straight to the vet, the puppy couldn’t be saved. It was a harrowing story, and one that shows how easily something can go wrong.

So, always be safe – always take extra care and only refill your e-cig when your pets aren’t around. Keep them safely locked up and out of reach, and remember that taking a little extra time could save a world of heartache if something went wrong.

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Could Your E-Cig Be Hacked?

We all know computers can be hacked, and in lots of disturbingly innovative ways, too. Our data is at risk if we don’t take steps to protect it. But surely the last thing you need to worry about is your e-cigarette being hacked?

You’d think so, but if you have an e-cigarette that can be charged via a USB connection, you may well charge it while you’re using your computer. And that means there is the potential for your innocent-looking e-cig to trigger a malware problem in your computer.

Is this possible?

Yes, although not in the way it would be if you plugged in a memory stick. The memory in an e-cig is miniscule, so while a hacker could happily put malware on a memory stick, they couldn’t put it in an electronic cigarette. They could, however, put something on there that would connect with malware online if that cigarette was plugged into a USB slot to charge via a computer.

Is it easy to prevent anything untoward from happening?

Thankfully, yes, if you employ some good old common sense. For example, make sure you buy your e-cig from a reputable source, and never let anyone you don’t know or trust use it or take it for any reason. This should be all that’s needed to protect your data, your e-cig, and your computer.

And if you want to be super-careful, charge it via a USB port that isn’t on your computer. And don’t let someone you don’t know charge their e-cig via your computer either. If you stick to those rules, you should be just fine.

What’s your opinion on this unlikely but possible route for hackers to exploit? Do you think it could become a bigger problem in the future? Share your thoughts here.

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E-Liquids Banned in San Francisco

Vaping has long since been proven to help smokers quit the habit in a way that is often easier than using other methods, such as patches or willpower. But you wouldn’t think vaping had been proven to be safer than smoking, given the knee-jerk reactions some countries and areas have had to it recently.

Now, we’ve heard that San Francisco has banned flavoured e-liquids from sale. The public safety committee recommended this should be done just one day before the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco brought in the law. Although it won’t come into force until April 2018, it has already led to concerns that vaping shops may die out if they can no longer sell flavoured e-liquids. Menthol cigarettes will also be banned, as will cigars that are flavoured.

Tobacco industry is supporting the ban

Perhaps not surprisingly, the law was heavily supported by the tobacco control industry. Everyone is aware that tobacco leads to cancer, many other diseases, and early death, and yet electronic cigarettes are being targeted and banned. Many smokers are using flavoured e-liquids and vaping devices to help them quit smoking. This new law could change all that, and lead many vapers back to smoking again, not to mention discouraging other smokers from trying to quit by using vaping products.

Protecting kids – or the tobacco industry?

Hmm, we wonder… The idea behind the ban is that kids are being encouraged to start vaping because there are lots of enticing flavours of e-liquids available. The people who voted unanimously in favour of the ban seem to think those kids will then go on to smoke. This is despite several studies revealing that very few kids do this. Most start as smokers and switch to vaping to help them stop.

As things stand, no evidence exists that restricting the sale of e-liquids has any bearing on improving public health. Indeed, if you make it harder for people to buy a safer product that could help them quit smoking, it will only achieve the opposite. But those in local government in San Francisco seem to have overlooked this.

Those in control of such laws say they want to protect people, and particularly the young in society. But the young rarely get ‘hooked’ on vaping. There is little to no evidence people take up vaping and then move to smoking, and yet there is plenty of evidence to prove the opposite happens. Since vaping has not been found to be more dangerous – or even anywhere near as dangerous – as smoking, surely it would make sense to rethink this stance?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this will happen. We’ve seen it before – countries bringing in new laws to reduce access to vaping products that can help people quit smoking and become healthier. We think we’ll continue to see it happening elsewhere, too. Could this be one of the first cities in the US to bring in the laws, and will others follow? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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Vaping Regulations Hit Spain

Different countries have different approaches to vaping. But Spain’s new legislation looks set to be among the stricter approaches taken. The Tobacco Products Directive is now well-known among vapers across Europe. The Spanish version of this is known as the Royal Decree 579/2017, and it came into force on 11th June this year.

It means Spaniards won’t be able to buy atomisers larger than 2ml soon. Furthermore, vapers will be limited to a maximum container size of 10ml when purchasing e-liquids. British vapers will probably be able to identify with these regulations, but the situation in Spain could be about to get a lot more challenging.

If the Spanish government has its way, it will bring in a total ban on selling all vaping products online. Since many people resort to getting their vaping products online, this will present a major challenge to those who are vaping to help them quit smoking. Indeed, some have warned it may be possible that some will go back to smoking. Additionally, as there are few vaping shops in Spain, some might be tempted to resort to buying vaping products from the black market. This could potentially be dangerous – and Spain is not the first country to experience this possible hazard.

Many countries are unduly harsh with e-cigarette regulations. Some believe it is as dangerous to health as smoking, even though all the evidence suggests otherwise. Making it harder for people to vape is not supporting those who wish to give up smoking. Indeed, it is likely the temptation of getting cigarettes within walking distance will be too much when compared to the long journeys some may be faced with to get their vaping equipment.

What do you think about the potential for this new legislation to affect vapers in Spain? Will you be affected by it? Let us know.

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Study Finds Air Quality is Normal in the Homes of Vapers

A study conducted by the San Diego State University has explored the air quality in people’s homes, and concluded there are many reasons why potentially-harmful particles may remain in the air. It will be no surprise to learn cigarette smoke was proven to be a major pollutant, and yet the resulting press release about the study failed to highlight the good news about vaping.

Their study revealed the air quality in the home of a vaper was no different to that of a non-vaper. Since smoking was highlighted as a major – if obvious – source of airborne particulates, it is reassuring to see vaping does not appear to lead to an increase of airborne pollutants.

So, why was this not mentioned in the press release they put together to promote the report?

Whatever the reason might be for that, the scientists who conducted the study said there was “no apparent difference” between the homes where occupants used electronic cigarettes and those where e-cigs were never used. This is good news for vapers, and for those fighting to allow electronic cigarettes to be used in public places. If it can be definitively proven they do not pose risk to those who use them, or those who are nearby, it will be a huge step forward for the vaping community.

Sadly, the coverage of e-cigs in the report was limited to just one sentence. We’ve covered that above, aside from omitting the fact they looked at 43 homes where vapers were present. So, perhaps it is time to look at this topic in more detail, or for the scientists who conducted the study to say some more about this good news. If anyone wanted to know if switching to vaping was safer than smoking, this must surely support that.

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Is Cloud Chasing Safe?

Have you heard of cloud chasing before? You probably know how much vapor can be exhaled after vaping even the smallest amount. But while cloud chasing might sound like something you do on a warm, summer’s afternoon, it is actually focused on blowing out clouds of vapour after you have puffed away on your electronic cigarette.

Put simply, cloud chasing is all about chasing the best cloud of vapour you possibly can. That might mean the biggest cloud, or the quirkiest one you can manage. Once you get that straight in your head, it doesn’t take a huge leap of logic to understand what cloud competitions are. These are occasions where lots of vapers get together and try to outdo each other with their efforts.

Rings, balls, and clouds…

Yes, they can all be achieved by those who have the know-how to make it happen. This takes practice, of course, just as blowing smoke rings takes practice among those who smoke.

When it comes to a cloud, it’s all about making it as big as you can. Beyond that, it’s down to you to see how impressive your cloud chasing can get.

Doesn’t this involve a lot of vaping?

Yes, and that is why nicotine is rarely – if ever – included in the e-liquids used by competitors who take part in these competitions. If you did vape with nicotine, you would take in a lot of it in a short time. And that is something no vaper wants to do.

Cloud chasers also opt for a different mix to the one they would typically inhale. They will usually omit the propylene glycol as well as the nicotine, while increasing the quantity of glycerine used. This is another key method for assisting in creating more vapour – and more vapour means a higher chance of impressing the judges and possibly winning the competition.

Is it safe?

While it is tempting to look at these competitors and to be inspired to have a go yourself, you should note the devices they use are not the same as the ones you probably use.

Some electronic cigarettes are specifically designed to be used in this way. This means if you tried cloud chasing with a regular e-cig, you would be putting yourself in danger of having an accident. Some e-cigarettes will emit a much larger plume of vapour than a regular e-cig would, for example. Additionally, the heating coil inside the electronic cigarette must have a much lower resistance than would normally be the case. This ensures there is much less stress placed on the battery. If you were to use a standard heating coil and battery, the odds of an explosion or overheating battery would not be in your favour.

It’s not just about the safety of the vaper, either

By using customised e-cigarettes and researching the best and safest ways to cloud chase, it also protects the safety of cloud-gazers – yep, the people who go and watch these competitions instead of taking part.

Taking vaping to a whole new level

While some vapers will be reading about cloud chasing for the first time, the hobby is becoming better-known. America is home to some major competitions, including the World Vaping Championship, which offers prizes worth around six figures.

What is your opinion on cloud chasing? Is this the first time you have heard of it? Maybe you already take part. Having read this, you may now be considering trying it yourself. Just remember, don’t use a normal electronic cigarette or e-liquid, as it could cause injury. Professional cloud chasers know how to get results without putting themselves at risk.

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