Menthol Cigarettes to Be Banned in the UK

Have you heard of the TRPR regulations? Many smokers haven’t, but it seems nearly a quarter of everyone who smokes is in for a major shock next year. And it is all down to these regulations, otherwise known as The Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016.

The demise of menthol cigarettes

Approximately a quarter of smokers opt to use menthol cigarettes, but thanks to the TRPR regulations, they’ll no longer be able to buy them from 20th May next year. With so many other events taking centre stage at present (hello Brexit), it’s possible news of the ban could have flown way underneath the radar even when it was reported. The chance of anyone who smokes menthol cigarettes or menthol rolling tobacco getting wind of the news is likely low.

The ruling stemmed from the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive, which was passed in 2014 and came into force two years later. That made major headlines and has continued to do so since, and yet few know that menthol cigarettes, with their minty flavour, are soon to be no more. Indeed, one government petition we discovered that disagreed with the ban received just 16 signatures.

What’s next for fans of menthol?

Some who do know about the impending ban think menthol fans will simply switch to regular cigarettes. We suspect it is more likely they’ll switch to vaping, opting for mint-flavoured e-liquids that also contain nicotine. Perhaps the Government is keen for this to happen, since the UK is forward thinking on how positive vaping is as a method for quitting smoking. Could they have adopted the ruling without any fuss because they see the positive side?

If you smoke menthol cigarettes, what will you do next May? Let us know your tactics and opinions on the ban below.