STARTER KITS - have been reduced to only £9.99 from 1st January

Matchless TANK & E-Liquids. The Matchless TANK refillable E-Cig and a range of Matchless E-Liquids for those that prefer to use liquids in place of pre-filled cartridges are now available.

Matchless KING SIZE disposables are now only £4.49 each, whilst the popular Matchless cartrdges have been held at only £7.49 for 5 - which works out the equivalent of only £1 per pack of traditional cigarettes

Cigarettes at £1.00 a Pack?

Remember when cigarettes cost £1.00 for a pack of 20 ?

After purchasing the Matchless rechargeable kit at £9.99 that's the equivalent price you will be paying for Matchless Electronic Cigarettes when you buy 5 cartidges (each equivalent to 30 cigarettes) at £7.49

Matchless Electronic Cigarettes 

The cigarette that satisfies your nicotine cravings and delivers the taste and satisfaction of a traditional cigarette, without the majority of the side effects

This piece of up to date microelectronic "aquamiser" technology looks, feels and tastes like the real thing. It generates a smoke like vapour which is odourless and harmless and contains the latest technology available in the electronic cigarette industry. 

Matchless Electronic Cigarettes, (also called Electric Cigarettes or E Cigarettes) from Matchless represent a new way to “smoke” nicotine in a safer more modern style.

Matchless electronic cigarettes are designed for high quality and come in high quality packaging in disposable and rechargeable formats. 

The whole Matchless range has been designed by a UK company with the UK consumer in mind and all are available in 7 flavour/strength versions:

            RED for full nicotine strength (24mg) tobacco flavour

            BLUE for medium nicotine strength (18mg) tobacco flavour

            MINT for medium nicotine strength (18mg) mint flavour

            CHERRY medium nicotine strength (16mg) Cherry flavour

            VANILLA medium nicotine strength (16mg) Vanilla flavour

            LOW for low nicotine strength (12mg) tobacco flavour

            ZERO for nicotine free (0mg) tobacco flavour 

Matchless King Size - £4.49

At only 82 mm long, these disposables are exactly the same size as a real King Size cigarette.   

No fuss, easy to use 1 piece e-cig – giving up to 200 puffs, equivalent to 15 to 20 normal cigarettes dependent on your smoking style. Available in medium strength tobacco flavour (18mg, Matchless King Size BLUE); full strength tobacco flavour (24mg, Matchless King Size RED) and medium strength mint flavour (18mg. Matchless King Size MINT) – all come in familiar sized flip top cigarette packs, cellophane sealed for peace of mind.

There is little battery fade when left unused or leaks or evaporation which means that it can be left for some time and re-used

Matchless Rechargeables -  now only £9.99  

New Rechargeable starter pack comprises a rechargeable battery, usb charger, and  2 RED or BLUE aquamiser cartridges (latest technology combines atomiser & cartridge to give increased vapour). Simple to use 2 piece e-cig: battery and aquamiser cartridges.

The battery should come already charged and ready to use. To recharge simply screw the battery into the USB charger and plug the charger into a USB connection in a computer. Full charging will take up to 2 hours - the red LED on the USB charger is continous to indicate it is working and the red LED on the battery will glow when charging - it will stop glowing when the battery is charged. Remove the protective caps from the aquamiser cartridge, screw into the battery and simply inhale.

Each aquamiser cartridge lasts for up to 300 puffs so this starter pack is equivalent to 50 to 60 cigarettes

Same great taste and performance as our disposables but with increased cost savings

Replacement Aquamiser Cartridges - £7.49 - Equivalent to £1.00 for a pack of 20 

Replacement Aquamiser Cartridges for the Matchless Rechargeable electronic cigarette are a RRP £7.49 for pack of 5 at 300+ puffs a cartidge that works out to £1.00 for a pack of 20 & they are available in 7 versions:

RED - Full strength tobacco flavour

BLUE - medium strength tobacco flavour

MINT - medium strength mint flavour

CHERRY - medium strength cherry flavour

VANILLA - medium strength vanilla flavou

LOW  - low strength nicotine, tobacco flavour

ZERO - no nicotine, tobacco flavour

NEW: Matchless TANK Refillable - £15.99

For those that prefer the additional economy which comes from filling your own tank with Matchless E-liquid.

With a large 2.5ml tank (enough for around 750 puffs) and a long lasting high power 650mAh battery, this kit gives a big vapour effect..

Rechargeable using a usb charger supplied - the only other you need to order is your choice of Matchless E-Liquid.

Replace coil and clearomiser if performance drops - normally after several months under normal usage.

NEW: Matchless E-Liquid - £3.99 for 10ml

Matchless E-Liquid uses the same recipe as the popular Matchless cartridges and comes in the same variants and strenghth in a 10ml dropper bottle. (RED, BLUE, MINT, LOW, VANILLA & CHERRY)

Optional Extras

Optional Extras include mains charger, car charger and spare batteries

Postage and Packaging - FREE or £0.75

For a limited period all postage and packing is free for orders over £25.00 (example four packs of replacement aquamisers) or a flat rate of 75 pence for orders under £25.00.



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Quality Assurance & International Warranty

Matchless products are rigorously tested and subjected to both Quality Control & CE Assessment.

Matchless have all relevant Safety Certificates (CE & RoHS) making them legal to sell & use in the UK, USA & EU.

Matchless products are globally patented & trademarked.