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About Us

Premium Range of Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquids

Premium E Cigs from Matchless are an independent UK based company based in Bromsgrove. Matchless was formed in 2010 and since then has been devoted to bringing the best quality electronic cigarettes and liquids into the growing vaping market.

All Matchless products containing nicotine have been submitted to the UK authorities and confirmed as being compliant with the latest eu Tobacco Products Directive (TPD2)

We develop and produce our own unique brand of ecigs and e-liquids. Our products have been meticulously designed to bring the best possible quality vaping experience to our customers.

Our range of ecigs includes disposable and rechargeable ecigs which aim to provide the closest and most realistic alternative to traditional smoking by imitating the look, feel and taste of traditional cigarettes. With the rechargeable range we offer cartridge refills in varying strengths and flavours. This highly popular range of ecigs provide a much cheaper alternative to smoking.

We also stock more advanced tank kits including variable voltage tanks along with a wide range of e-liquid flavours and tobacco flavours in varying strengths.

The accessories we stock include clearomizers, replacement coils, batteries and chargers for all our range.

Matchless Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids are a popular choice today for many vapers and newcomers to vaping. As a brand Matchless continues to grow and establish itself as a leader in quality, taste and customer satisfaction in the world of vaping.

Our customer reach goes beyond the UK as vapers and retailers from around the globe, (and we were indeed chosen by British Airways as the only electronic cigarette on board) choose Matchless as their brand of choice.

Matchless has been recognised by the AITS trade body as the top seller in this specialist category.

A brand which prides itself on differentiating itself from other similar companies.

The Matchless Quality

All our ecig kits and flavours have been designed in the UK and have been tested to ensure they meet high quality standards we believe our customers deserve. All our laboratory reports are readily available for you to see. We offer a no quibble money back guarantee to any unsatisfied customers.

Customer Service

We value the loyalty and business of our customers and a good customer experience is one of our most important company virtues. We have a team of trained and friendly customer service support representatives ready to to answer customer queries and take on board customer feedback. We encourage our customers to call us or chat to us live should they have any queries. Customers can also contact us by email.