FDA: No Evidence Linking Covid-19 Risk and Vaping

It seems hard to believe that just four months ago, few people around the world had heard of coronavirus. Now, we know that thousands have lost their lives to Covid-19, with millions known to have been infected.

As with all new conditions and illnesses, we know little about its progression and why some people may suffer from it more seriously than others. We are learning on the fly, and that has led to some statements that have later proven incorrect.

he FDA retracts previous statement concerning vapers

The Food and Drug Administration previously said vapers were more likely to suffer complications from the coronavirus if they had underlying health conditions. We know that individuals with certain health conditions may be more prone to experiencing complications and requiring medical treatment if they catch Covid-19. However, the FDA seemed to indicate this was even more likely if those individuals also used electronic cigarettes.

Now, however, the FDA has responded to a query on the topic sent to them by Bloomberg News. They emailed a reply that stated:

“E-cigarette use can expose the lungs to toxic chemicals, but whether those exposures increase the risk of Covid-19 is not known.”

Quite the change of tack.

Studying the novel coronavirus

Lots of researchers are looking at reams of statistics, data, and various other sources of information when trying to understand how the virus is spread and who is most at risk of catching it and developing complications. Some studies have suggested certain patterns, but the FDA did not appear to have any inside knowledge concerning vapers with pre-existing health conditions.

Since the virus affects the respiratory system, those who have respiratory illnesses or conditions already are understandably at greater risk than those without. But why might vapers be at greater risk, when we know that smoking is worse than vaping? All the evidence suggests vaping is far better for you than smoking. That is something that is hard to believe, given that vape shops have largely been asked to shut their doors during the pandemic. Meanwhile, cigarettes can still be purchased from many outlets that remain open.

Considering the future

With each day that goes by, we learn a little more about the virus and its effects on those who catch it. Until evidence appears to suggest otherwise, however, it is good to see the FDA has gone back on its original stance regarding vaping and Covid-19.