Vaping in America Under Threat

Electronic cigarettes have been proven time and again to help smokers quit the habit and improve their health. They have also been confirmed to be far safer than cigarettes.

And yet some countries are far behind in their understanding of the advantages and benefits of vaping – America included.

On September 11th, Alex Azar, the Health and Human Services Secretary announced that flavoured vaping products would be banned. Vapers throughout America have long been having a tough time. While many people have confirmed e-cigs were the reason they were able to quit smoking, those in charge don’t appear to understand how powerful vaping is.

Does the recent spate of lung disease deaths have anything to do with this decision?

We think it might, even though vaping was not behind the deaths attributed to the lung condition that has killed several people and made major headlines across the world, not just in the US. The outbreak was deemed to be linked to the use of illegal products containing THC oil and vitamin E acetate, rather than to regular legal vaping products.

While the truth is now out, it hasn’t done vaping any good. It certainly hasn’t changed the minds of those in power. All flavoured vaping liquids are going to be removed from the market. The ruling won’t affect tobacco flavours, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that eventually happened too.

The secretary stated they will ‘do what’s necessary’ to protect kids and prevent youths using the products. He suggested that tobacco-flavoured vaping liquids would eventually be included if youths started gravitating to using those instead. We wonder… with flavoured liquids removed from the market, surely they are going to gravitate to whatever is left? It’s an odd stance to take.

Could a lack of products in the vaping market drive more people to buy illegal products?

It could well happen. It should be noted that the recent lung illnesses that have taken lives were caused by illegal products. That was highlighted from the investigation into that outbreak. So, there is a real risk that this knee-jerk reaction from the US government to ban flavoured vaping products could lead more people to try illegal products instead.

Lots of studies confirm that vaping has assisted thousands of people in quitting smoking. It is proven to be far safer than smoking. Some would say those living in the UK are far better off than those in many other countries, as the UK is relatively forward thinking in supporting vaping and confirming its ability to help people quit smoking. The US is far off that mark, clearly.

Unless the new ruling comes to court and is overturned, Americans will soon face a world where they can only get hold of tobacco-flavoured vaping liquids. And one suspects there is a good chance those might eventually be banned too.

What do you think of this new ruling? Do you think this could be another nail in the coffin of electronic cigarettes in America? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.