Eurostar Train Brought to a Halt by an E-Cig

Did you catch the news story the other day concerning a Eurostar train that came to a stop after a vaper set off a smoke alarm?

According to news reports, the train had left London at half-three on Monday afternoon. As it came out of the tunnel and into France, the smoke alarm in one of the toilets was set off, due to a vaper sneaking in there to have a crafty puff. As you may know, Eurostar originally welcomed vapers to use their devices on-board. However, this stance was altered last year when a ban came in.

This event obviously shows why the ban was necessary. The vapours from the e-cig in the confined space were enough to set off the sensitive smoke alarms. As a result, the train was taken into a siding and all power to it was cut off.

However, while some passengers – delayed for five hours due to the incident – have confirmed a vaper was to blame, those in charge of Eurostar have not confirmed this. They refuse to acknowledge the reason for what happened to cause the delay. According to reports, it took a full seven-and-a-half hours to get from London to Paris that day, on that particular train.

If a vaper was indeed to blame – and we’re sure they’re probably feeling very sheepish now – this does indicate that vaping can cause problems indoors. However, we do wonder whether vaping in the carriage itself would have been better, as the larger space available may not have set off the smoke alarms. Vaping in a small train toilet obviously caused problems, assuming the stories are true.

Either way, there are some interesting queries concerning the story. Did a vaper really set off the alarm, or could it have been a smoker who did the deed or as some suspect, a faulty sensor?