California Rejects Vaping Ban – Again

Some people in California have been trying very hard to ban vaping. It’s not a new thing, either. State legislators have been attempting to ban people from using electronic cigarettes in state parks and on beaches in the state for three years now.

This year, as was the case in 2017 and the year before that, they failed once again. Good news for vapers, who were targeted by the proposed bill alongside smokers and marijuana users. The idea was to make it against the law to do those three things in those locations. Anyone caught vaping (or smoking tobacco products or marijuana) in state parks or on beaches would have incurred a proposed $25 fine. The bill was roundly rejected this time, just as it was on the previous two occasions.

Great news for vapers. Governor Jerry Brown was against the proposals, saying that, ‘my opinion on the matter has not changed.’ Vapers will be glad of that. It also means there is likely to be less chance of such a ban coming into force in the future.

Perhaps most concerning though is the fact vapers were put in the same category as those smoking tobacco. This has been a concern for a while now, with blanket bans on both habits in many public spaces. Vaping has consistently been proven to be far safer for health than smoking. Many smokers have been able to quit the habit by switching to vaping. Trying to ban it only works against the aim to provide safer alternatives for those interested in switching.

What are your thoughts on this proposed ban? Do you think legislators will try again next year? What would you do if vaping was eventually banned in these locations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.