Calls to Ban Flavoured E-Liquids by Experts

Chances are you haven’t read the European Respiratory Journal. If you had, you would be aware that both doctors and scientists are pushing for flavoured e-liquids to be banned. They have warned that flavourings are one of several ways e-cigarette manufacturers are promoting the appeal of their products to young people.

They went on to argue that vaping provides an easy pathway through to smoking for young people. While many studies have shown that vaping is a successful way to quit smoking for many, evidence is thin on the ground when trying to prove young people may start vaping and then switch to smoking later.

Could we see a ban on flavourings?

However, this has not prevented those who produced the report from calling for an instant ban on flavoured e-liquids for use with electronic cigarettes. With flavours including bubblegum available, their idea is that they are promoted to try and attract younger people to start vaping. They claim vaping is ‘normalising’ smoking.

Vaping is certainly much safer than smoking, thanks to the removal of tobacco, which is known to be harmful in many ways. The worry among the experts behind the report is that young people will try vaping and become hooked on the nicotine in the e-liquids. Making those liquids in a range of appealing flavours, they suggest, may hook youngsters who would not otherwise have touched nicotine or smoked a cigarette.

What are your thoughts on this view?

Many people use vaping as a method for quitting smoking. Many have tried and failed in using other methods, while succeeding by switching to vaping. Yet this report suggests there could be dangers for those who haven’t yet smoked.

Do you agree with this? Would you be happy to see a ban on flavoured e-liquids? Let us know your opinion below.