Can You Vape at a Premier League Game?

August marked the beginning of the 2018-19 Premier League season in English football. For many, it marks the beginning of supporting their team through nine months of dramatic matches against other teams in the league. The current season will end next May.

While many people are content to watch matches on television, some agree there is nothing better than being there to watch the action live. If you do that, you need to be sure to observe all the rules and regulations in place in the grounds. That means being aware of the strict rules on vaping, too.

Can you vape while watching your favourite team?

In a word… no. All Premier League grounds have banned vaping. You are allowed to vape outside the grounds before you enter, but once you are inside you cannot leave until the match is over. If you do decide to leave the grounds to enjoy a sneaky vape, don’t expect to be allowed back in again. Once you’re in, you’re in – and vaping must wait until your team has won or lost.

You may think that latter rule is silly. However, if they did allow people to leave and then return, there would be people going in and out constantly. That would have implications for health and safety and for security.

Can you vape discreetly while on the grounds?

You can try, but we wouldn’t recommend it. If you are found vaping anywhere in the grounds of a Premier League stadium, you will be ejected. There is also a chance a season ticket holder may end up having their ticket confiscated. This happened to one vaper who decided to try his luck vaping while in the grounds of Manchester City’s stadium in 2013.

Since smoking is obviously banned, it makes sense in this instance to ban vaping as well. Could you tell from a distance whether a fan was smoking or vaping? Furthermore, huge clouds of vapour emitted from vaping fans throughout a stadium would look awful… not to mention being hard to see through. We think the no-vape rule makes sense and we cannot see it changing anytime soon.

Do you agree with the blanket ban on vaping inside Premier League grounds? Would you prefer to see a more relaxed approach to vaping, perhaps within the grounds but not on the terraces? You can share your thoughts on this below.