Could Vaping on Holiday Land You in Jail?

If you vape in the UK, chances are you know what the law is, and you know where you can and cannot do it. However, it all changes when you go abroad. Vapers are being warned to look up vaping laws in other countries before they travel, as there is a real risk of being fined or jailed if you fall foul of those laws. Vaping may be welcome and legal in the UK, but it is a very different picture in some countries around the world.

For example, Thailand has put a blanket ban on vaping. If you do it out there and you’re caught, you could face up to 10 years in a Thai prison. Other countries including Malaysia, Egypt, Indonesia, Singapore, and even Australia have also banned vaping. In the latter, you’d need a prescription to vape legally. And remember, it is not a defence to say you weren’t aware of the law. It falls to you to abide by the law in any country you are visiting, regardless of whether you think the law is silly or not.

The US, Canada, and Turkey haven’t outright banned vaping, but they have restricted the use of electronic cigarettes. If you are travelling to those countries, check the current position before you go.

Another point to note is that you can be sent to prison just for being found with a vape kit on your person – even if you weren’t using it at the time. This is most likely in the Philippines and in India.

What are your thoughts on the bans on vaping in other countries? Would you risk taking a vape kit with you – even if you knew it meant you could risk a prison sentence? Let us know your thoughts below.