Dave Chappelle Vapes in His New Stand Up Special

If you love great comedy, you’ve probably heard of Dave Chappelle. You may even have come across his name recently if you vape. Why? Well, he filmed four shows for Netflix last year, the last of which was unleashed for his fans to enjoy on New Year’s Eve.

And in that show, he was seen vaping. Dave was known as a heavy smoker. He never hid that fact – he has been seen smoking heavily in many of the shows he has done in the past. So, to see him vaping instead was quite a surprise for many.

Dave isn’t the first celebrity to make the switch from smoking to vaping. Maybe surprisingly, he didn’t make much of it during the show either. In fact, it was a fan who brought everyone’s attention to it while asking if they could take a hit from it. Dave said no, but that was about as close as his act got to mentioning the switch from smoking to vaping.

As someone who was known as being a heavy smoker, it is great to see him make the switch to vaping. It might just inspire some of those in the audience to make the switch too. After all, while we have Stoptober, there’s no denying the power of a New Year to make people set goals they want to try and hit. National No Smoking Day is on 14th March 2018, but the sight of Dave Chapelle quitting smoking in favour of vaping could help some people switch long before that.

Are you surprised he’s swapped cigarettes for e-cigs? Have you started the New Year in similar style? Do you think e-cigs will help you quit smoking this year? Let us know in the comments below.