FDA to Impose Restrictions on Vaping Flavours

Vapers have a much easier time of it in the UK when compared to fellow vapers in the US. Despite the huge amount of research and data pointing to the health benefits of switching from smoking to vaping, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now implemented another ban on vaping supplies.

The latest move has meant electronic cigarettes and vaping liquids flavoured to taste like fruit or candy cannot be sold. The ban applies to gas stations and convenience stores – two likely places where teens may go to buy these products. This is the aim of the ban – to prevent teens from using them. The only vape products that can continue to be sold in these outlets are those based on menthol, mint, and regular tobacco flavours.

“A dangerous trend”

According to data gleaned from federal sources, vaping has shot up over the last 12 months. The number of teens now vaping is over 75% higher than it was last year. The FDA is also looking to make it much harder for teens to buy e-cig supplies online. Age verification is a step that is going to happen, although it remains to be seen how it will come to fruition.

Are these vape flavours harmful or helpful?

It looks as if fruity flavours and candy flavours will still be available from other sources. There is no doubt those flavours do have their fans. Vaping has been shown to provide an easier way to quit smoking, and it is continually proven to be safer than smoking. However, some believe the fruity flavours may potentially lure young people who have never smoked into vaping. From there, some say, they may make the step to smoking.

While this is uncertain, there has been an explosion in vaping among teens. It is this explosion lawmakers are concerned about. Some studies have shown there is very little chance of vapers switching to smoking. Indeed, most people only vape to help them quit smoking, rather than deciding to simply take it up for no good reason. However, the new ban is now in force and it remains to be seen whether it has the desired effect.

What is your opinion on this new move by the FDA? Does it impact you directly? Do you buy your supplies elsewhere? Has it changed the way you vape – whether you are a teen or an adult? Let us know your thoughts.