Ghana to Crack Down on Vaping

Time and time again, we’ve seen proof that vaping is far safer to indulge in than smoking. It has helped thousands quit smoking and lead healthier lives. And yet now comes news of yet another country determined to outlaw vaping.

Ghana is set to become the next country to put a ban in place. An official confirmed news of the move at the World Conference on Tobacco or Health. The official works for the Ghana Health Service, and said their unpublished research was the driving force behind the move to ban electronic cigarettes in the country. Shisha is also set to be covered by the new ban.

The official, Divine Darlington Logo, stated electronic cigarettes were “more dangerous than cigarette” (sic). Logo followed that up by adding “banning it is the only way out in Ghana.” That is a determined statement to make, and one that will frustrate those who have seen proof that vaping is far safer than the alternative of smoking tobacco.

While the Ghana Health Service has provided statistics that apparently point to a significant percentage of youngsters using electronic cigarettes, some have questioned the accuracy of the data. The research has not been shared, simply quoted from. Ghana is not known as a country with excessive smoking rates. Furthermore, many other countries have discovered vaping tends to be highly prevalent among current and formers smokers. Very few people ever take up vaping as non-smokers to start with.

While we cannot know for certain whether the figures the Ghanaian health service has revealed are correct, it does seem they are using those figures to support the push for a total vaping ban.

Do you agree with this? Do you think perhaps a ban might be pursued for other reasons? Let us know in the comments.