Is it Safe to Vape Around Your Pets?

If you’re a pet owner, you probably already know there are plenty of things you should keep them away from. Certain foods, products, and even plants can be harmful to cats and/or dogs. But what about vaping supplies? Should you keep your pet out of harm’s way when you’re vaping?

Well, firstly, it should go without saying that all vaping equipment should be kept well out of the way of all pets. Cats have a habit of getting into some very interesting places – even those you wouldn’t think they could get to. There have been some harrowing stories reaching the news of late referring to pets who have died after getting into their owner’s vaping supplies. The nicotine content in e-liquids can be fatal to pets (and to children), which is why they should always be safely stored out of sight and somewhere that cannot be accessed by pets.

Little research to go on

At present, very little research has been done into the effects vaping and vaping supplies may have on pets. However, one study did reveal that propylene glycol – an ingredient used in the creation of e-liquids – can lead to anaemia in cats.

We know nicotine is a dangerous substance, so it stands to reason this would apply to animals, too. Indeed, any amount of nicotine ingested by an animal can easily be fatal, so make sure you keep all your supplies well out of reach. Ideally, choose a drawer they cannot get into.

How to keep your pets safe

Many vapers wonder about the clouds of vapour that are created when they exhale while vaping. Some pets are fascinated with these, while others don’t seem too bothered. However, there is no evidence yet to indicate whether pets are safe around people who are vaping.

So, you might want to bear that in mind and vape somewhere where you have lots of fresh air. Open a window, or sit outside and vape, rather than while your pet is enjoying fusses on your lap.

It also makes sense to exercise great care whenever you vape. If you need to refill your electronic cigarette, do so while your pet is out of the room, or out of range of the refill. If you dropped it, your pet could be onto it before you even have a chance to stop them. It doesn’t take much to kill a pet, either. One unfortunate owner of a young puppy lost their pet when they dropped some e-liquid on the floor. The puppy had the smallest amount, and while the owner took the puppy straight to the vet, the puppy couldn’t be saved. It was a harrowing story, and one that shows how easily something can go wrong.

So, always be safe – always take extra care and only refill your e-cig when your pets aren’t around. Keep them safely locked up and out of reach, and remember that taking a little extra time could save a world of heartache if something went wrong.