Judge Caught Vaping During Trial

We’ve heard of people vaping in some odd places before. We’ve also seen celebrities vaping in public, at concerts, and elsewhere. But we’ve never heard of a judge caught vaping while overseeing a trial. Until now, that is.

The judge was spotted using an electronic cigarette during a murder trial in Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Vincent Del Giudice has been seen using a vaping ‘pen’ in court by several reporters… who have done their duty and reported it as news. From photos taken in court, it looks as though he’s using a compact device that is hardly visible, since he keeps it tucked well inside his hand during use. The photo we saw would seem to show the good judge deep in thought, but a tiny blue light inside his hand gives away the story.

It is illegal to vape in public places where smoking is banned, while vaping indoors is also against the law. So, to do it in the middle of a packed courtroom is quite something. One worker said it’s an open secret – presumably no one is in the mood to question none other than the judge himself. When questioned about vaping in court, the judge refused to offer a comment. He did, however, quickly pocket the e-cig, so maybe he won’t be as keen to use it in court in the future.

So, is this a case of one rule for some and another for someone else? You can bet if a lawyer decided to vape in the courtroom, the judge presiding over the case would have something to say about it. What are your thoughts on this development? Do you think the judge is out of order for doing something he must surely know is against the law? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.