MPs Suggest Dedicated Areas for Vapers

A recent report published by the Science and Technology Committee, going into detail on vaping and its role in helping people quit smoking, was debated in Parliament recently. The report had concluded that electronic cigarettes were not being given the respect they deserve in their role as a potential tool for helping people quit smoking.

The committee is part of the government. The report explored the possible role vaping could play in helping people give up smoking. It was derived from several sessions held earlier in 2018, where evidence was heard from various sources. It concluded that electronic cigarettes are assessed to be some 95% safer than regular tobacco cigarettes.

Where can vapers use their e-cigs?

This is a question that crops up even among vapers themselves. There is some uncertainty and vagueness over the areas where vaping is permitted or banned. Furthermore, the report indicated that work needed to be done to identify safe areas where people could freely use their electronic cigarettes.

This was highlighted in the debate among MPs as well. The main issue was that in some instances, vapers were told to use their devices in smoking areas. This is daft, to put it mildly – as one committee member pointed out, it is akin to telling an alcoholic to spend time in a pub and not drink. Perhaps worse – since vapers will inhale the very cigarette smoke they are trying to avoid.

Providing a dedicated location to vape in

At present, many vapers end up using the smoking areas already provided for those who smoke. However, the consensus among MPs was that a dedicated area should be set aside for them. This would keep them away from those who are smoking, keeping them on track to quit.

While some people realise vaping is a far safer solution compared to smoking, many still do not understand the differences between them. Hence why some buildings and businesses are lumping everyone together. This can only do harm in future, as more people may consider trying to quit smoking via this method.

The UK is way ahead of several other countries when it comes to supporting those who vape. However, the report from the Science and Technology Committee shows that work still needs to be done to continue this.

Where do you vape when out and about or at work? Have you experienced problems or shared spaces with smokers? Leave your thoughts below.