New Study Finds No Health Risks to Vapers

We’ve already heard of research highlighting how much safer vaping is when compared to smoking. Now, we have yet another study that supports this. The study was produced on behalf of Fontem Ventures and looked at over 200 smokers who agreed to stop smoking and use e-cigarettes for a two-year period instead. While Fontem Ventures has a vested interest in promoting vaping (it is part of the tobacco maker Imperial Brands, and has diversified into the vaping industry), the results of the study make for interesting reading.

It found “no safety concerns” in the health of the smokers who voluntarily took part in the two-year study. The health of all those taking part was checked throughout and at the end of the study. Researchers discovered the main issues experienced by some of the participants occurred soon after quitting smoking and could therefore be related to that. Symptoms included sore throats, headaches, and coughing, although all such symptoms reduced over time.

Gaining weight is a familiar problem with many people who quit smoking. However, the study did not find this of concern in the participants. This may suggest vaping can help minimise the risk of weight gain. Many people eat instead of smoking, but vaping provides an alternative.

While smokers would expect to go through tough withdrawal symptoms when quitting, these were less pronounced among those in the study. Furthermore, there were no real health concerns for the two-year period included in the study, once the initial issues disappeared.

This seems to suggest vaping is much safer than smoking and doesn’t pose any risks to those who switch to it. Do you agree with this? Have you made the switch and feel healthier because of it? Let us know how you are getting on in the comments.