Public Health England Release New Pro-Vaping Film

Vaping has already been proven to be far safer to health than smoking. However, many people are still unsure about how safe electronic cigarettes are, and whether they represent a better option. Fortunately, Public Health England (PHE) are taking a positive attitude to getting the message out about the dangers of smoking, and why it is better to switch to vaping to help quit the habit.

This approach has been seen again this month as PHE has released a film that reveals how harmful smoking is. It conducted an experiment using three jars, each filled with cotton wool balls to represent the lungs. A pump was connected to each jar. The first one drew in normal air, the second drew in air associated with e-cigarette vapour, and the third jar drew in air filled with cigarette smoke.

What were the results?

Predictably, and somewhat alarmingly, the cotton wool balls subjected to cigarette smoke had turned brown, with tar clogging up the tube connecting the jar to the pump. The experiment lasted for one month. Obviously, the one exposed to regular air was unchanged. But most notably, the jar that received vapour from electronic cigarettes was almost no different from when the experiment had begun.

PHE is using this experiment to encourage more smokers to quit for the New Year by switching to vaping. It is already known that many smokers find vaping the easiest and most supportive method for quitting. However, some think vaping is just as harmful as smoking and either do not quit or find some other way to help stop smoking.

The idea behind the campaign and the film was to highlight how much safer vaping is when compared to the carcinogens, tar, and other nasties in cigarettes. By seeing the difference between the two, as is now possible thanks to this campaign, it is hoped many more smokers will quit in 2019.

2018 saw a drop of one million in official figures of smokers in England. The fall in smokers has led the percentage to fall below 15% – the first time this has happened. Will this new film encourage yet more smokers to switch to vaping to improve their health? Let’s hope so.

Were you aware vaping is safer than smoking? Has the film helped you make the switch? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.