Seychelles Vape Ban to Come to an End

There is good news for anyone intending to head to the Seychelles in the future. While vaping is currently illegal in the African island archipelago, this is set to change. Legislation is shortly to be approved that will confirm vaping products can be legally purchased in the Seychelles. While e-cigs will be regulated at every stage from creation to sale, this about turn will come as great news for those wanting to vape on the islands.

“A good way to help smokers quit the habit”

That was the opinion of Bharathi Viswanathan, who works in the department for the Prevention and Control of Cardiovascular Diseases at Seychelles Hospital. Statistics confirm that around a third of adult males and boys smoked on the islands in 2015. This is far higher than the 6% figure given for the same age group in the female population. Clearly, the country is determined to bring down that figure, and it sees vaping as one way to do this.

Providing a legal alternative to smoking

Every former smoker knows how difficult it is to quit the habit. Many in other countries have successfully quit by switching to vaping. Smoking rates have gone down as a result. By making vaping legal in the Seychelles, it is hoped the high smoking rate among males will begin to drop. With a practical and much safer method available for quitting smoking, sales of vaping products via licensed traders could soon become a flourishing industry on the islands.

What are your thoughts on this change in policy in the Seychelles? Do you expect to see a huge drop in smoking rates on the islands in future years? Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below and taking part in our discussion.