Study Shows Vaping Parents are Quitting Smoking

Most people are aware of the dangers of smoking. Equally, it would be hard to miss the news reports, research, and other studies performed into the relative benefits of switching to vaping. Plenty of ex-smokers have confirmed that vaping was the key to successfully quitting – something a new study has once again highlighted.

The lead author of a study conducted in the US, Emara Nabi-Burza, MS, has confirmed that parents who take up vaping may be doing so because they wish to give up cigarette smoking. This would follow the pattern seen in many other vapers. Vaping has long been a good nicotine replacement therapy solution for those who wish to quit. Many parents are using this method to stop smoking, although the study’s author pointed out that some parents are using electronic cigarettes and still using tobacco cigarettes at the same time.

Are parents restricting their use of e-cigs and cigarettes indoors?

Furthermore, the study highlighted the fact that users of both e-cigs and real cigarettes were just as likely to smoke in their homes as those who only smoked cigarettes. This would expose children to second-hand smoke, thereby causing potential health issues to arise.

Studies have already indicated that vapours emitted from e-cigs have little to no impact on air quality inside the home and in other locations. Of course, the same does not apply to real cigarettes. There is uncertainty over whether vaping parents are exposing their children to the potential attractions of vaping. That said, there seems little evidence to support the theory that kids are attracted to vaping without having smoked first.

What are your thoughts on parents switching from smoking to vaping? Have you done it or have you continued to vape and smoke? Let us know your thoughts below.