UK Vaping Awareness Campaign Launched

Have you heard of VApril yet? No, that’s not a misprint or a typo – it’s the name given to a month-long campaign to make smokers more aware of vaping. And yes, it takes place in April, hence the name.

This event aims to bring vaping to the attention of smokers. The hope is that smokers will realise that vaping is far safer for their health and wellbeing than smoking. This has been proven, with thousands of smokers already quitting with the help of electronic cigarettes. According to the official VApril website, around 1.5 million smokers in the UK have already quit by switching to vaping. It’s hoped many more will join them following this campaign.

Who is involved?

The campaign has been set up by the UK Vaping Industry Association. Yes, they have a vested interest in helping more smokers take up vaping. However, there is ample evidence to support the fact vaping is far safer than smoking. Therefore, it makes sense to promote it to the masses of smokers who have already tried and failed to quit in other ways.

Dr Christian Jessen is fronting the month-long event. He is perhaps best-known for presenting Embarrassing Bodies and Supersize vs Superskinny. He is a familiar and trusted face, so is perhaps the best choice for supporting the campaign.

Taking the three-step challenge

The backbone of the VApril event is the three-step challenge. Firstly, there will be a series of Vaping Masterclass events taking place across the UK. These began on 3rd April and will continue through until the last day of the month. The classes will be made available at vaping stores throughout the UK, concentrating on city-based locations. (Of course, you can pop into any vaping store near you for more advice and support on quitting smoking by switching to vaping instead.)

The second part of the challenge is to claim your six-page VApril guide. This is free and has been put together by the UK Vaping Industry Association. It contains lots of useful advice and support, as well as information about choosing vaping supplies to help you on the journey to quitting smoking.

Finally, those taking part are encouraged to be social. There is an official Facebook page for VApril, as well as a Twitter account at @Vaping_Industry. They are encouraging people to use the hashtags #Vapril and #Vaprilchallenge to start talking about the event and their experiences of switching to vaping.

Will it work?

Dr Jessen says around 40% of those who smoke in this country have never tried vaping. That’s around 2.8 million people of the seven million who smoke. Even if VApril only reaches a small proportion of those, it could help many more people successfully stop smoking. Support is crucial in helping people quit, and while some have successfully switched to vaping without too much hassle, others have found it more difficult or have never considered it at all.

Could VApril become an annual event?

Very possibly. It’s hard to imagine this year’s inaugural event being a failure. Those who attend the Vaping Masterclasses organised at major cities across the UK also stand a chance of winning a smoker2vaper starter kit. If you are interested, you must visit the VApril website and register for a Masterclass at a location that suits you.

What are your thoughts on VApril? Are you intending to try and quit smoking this month, and if so, are you going to get some advice and information from the VApril website and the associated free guide? Let us know what you think about this campaign in the comments below.