Vaping Banned in Swansea Shopping Centre

Vaping is easier to do in some areas than in others. Occasionally, vapers are permitted to puff on their e-cigs in areas where smokers are banned. That was the case until recently in the Quadrant shopping centre in Swansea, Wales, but times have changed.

From the last Monday in February this year, vaping inside the shopping centre has been banned. According to the official website for the Quadrant, the decision has been described as “the landlord’s policy.”

The centre manager, Lisa Hartley, has also spoken about the decision. She said the policy was introduced “for the comfort of our shoppers.” She also believes most will realise the policy was brought in to appeal to the majority of those using the centre, people “who prefer a smoke- or vape-free environment.”

It is not unusual to encounter shopping centres and other public places with bans in place for vaping. In many situations, vapers are forced to go outside into a space designed for smokers, which is hardly ideal. Indeed, Ms Hartley pointed out the existence of places outside the Quadrant shopping centre where people smoked, saying others could vape there as well. Yet for those wanting to quit smoking and make the switch to vaping, this could prove difficult.

This seems to be the main issue for many. Some believe vaping is unfairly being included with smoking as a hazard to health, when numerous studies have proven this is not the case. Vaping is said to be around 99% safer than smoking, and yet vapers are regularly penalised in much the same way as smokers are.

What are your thoughts on vaping being banned from the Swansea shopping centre? Are there shopping centres and other venues near you where you cannot vape? Share your thoughts in the comments below.