Will Vaping Stain Your Teeth?

Dental plaque is perhaps one of the lesser-known (and less concerning) side effects of smoking. The habit is also known to cause people’s teeth to turn yellow. Not the most pleasant look, and the more you smoke, the faster the discoloration will occur.

But what about vaping? If you quit smoking and switch to vaping instead, does that discoloration still occur?

Is tar responsible for staining teeth?

Several studies have come to this conclusion. Since tar isn’t present in electronic cigarettes, vapers can rest easy knowing their e-cigs won’t harm their teeth the same way cigarettes would.

While vaping products do still contain tobacco and other elements, studies have demonstrated staining is far less noticeable in vapers. While stains may appear in some, they are minimal.

How was testing done to come to this conclusion?

Believe it or not, cattle teeth were used. The teeth had saliva added and two weeks later, once a protein film had formed (much as it does in humans), the testing began. Some of the teeth were exposed to cigarette smoke, while others were exposed to vapour from an e-cigarette.

Not surprisingly, teeth exposed to smoke from the cigarettes began to stain in just a day or so. We know tooth enamel is damaged by smoking – something this test proved. In contrast, the teeth exposed to vaping had little staining, some with no staining at all.

The condition of your teeth is perhaps not as high on the list of reasons to quit smoking as other elements, such as the increased risk of cancer. However, it may provide smokers with yet another reason to switch to vaping. It is certainly encouraging news.

Are you concerned about your teeth and how they are affected by smoking? Have you switched to vaping and seen an improvement in your dental health? Let us know in the comments below.