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Beginners Guide

What are Ecigs?

Electronic Cigarettes (Ecigs) are a modern alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Ecigs are Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), that is, they deliver nicotine through vapour by heating a liquid containing nicotine. Liquids may come in various flavours, including Tobacco flavour.

Ecigs vs traditional Cigarettes

While traditional smoking relies on burning or com-busting chemicals to produce smoke, ecigs heat a liquid which in turn produces a vapour containing the nicotine which is inhaled by the user (referred to in ecig speak as a vaper). Ecigs have become popular with health conscious smokers who want to avoid inhaling smoke which contains some 4,000 chemicals, many of those which are known carcinogens.

The different types of Matchless Ecigs

Here at Matchlessecig we've created 3 types of ecigs: Disposable, Rechargeable and Tanks, so what are the differences between them?

Matchless Disposable Ecigs

We created the Matchless Disposable Ecig for the smoker who wants the closest thing to the experience of smoking traditional cigarettes without inhaling real smoke.

Our disposable ecigs are designed to look, feel and taste just like the real thing. The design resembles a traditional cigarette with a glowing tip at the end which lights up just like the glow of a real cigarette. The ecig is the same size and width as a real super king sized cigarette so it even feels like the real thing in your hand. However the experience wouldn't be complete without the genuine tobacco taste our e-liquids deliver. Matchless Disposable ecigs are available in Tobacco and Mint flavours in varying nicotine strengths.
Matchless Disposable ecigs are ready to start vaping straight out of the box. Each box contains one ecig which gives up to 200 puffs, that's the equivalent to 15 to 20 normal cigarettes.

Matchless Rechargeable Ecigs

These are great for fans of the Matchless Disposable Ecig who'd like the convenience of recharging and refilling their ecigs rather than throwing it away and buying a replacement. With the Matchless Rechargeable you can enjoy the close experience of smoking traditional cigarettes without the smoke - again and again.

These ecigs are used with the Matchless Aquamizer cartridges which allow you to simply screw in a new cartridge of flavour once you've used up your existing cartridge. E-Liquids are available in a wide range of exciting flavours including Cherry, Vanilla, Mint as well as Tobacco Flavours.


The Matchless Tank is perfect for vaping enthusiasts. Tanks are one of the most popular devices now used to inhale nicotine in the electronic cigarette world. They consist of two parts, the clearomizer and the atomizer. The clearomizer is the clear cylindrical part of the kit which holds the e-liquid while the atomizer typically screws in below it and heats the liquid into a vapour ready to be inhaled through the mouth piece at the top of the clearomizer.

The atomizer of the tank which contains the batteries can be recharged via USB (included with the Matchless Tank Ecig). They can also be recharged via a mains adapter or a in cart battery charger, all of which are available on our site.

Matchless Tanks are also refillable s once you've vaped away your existing eliquid, you can simply refill it with more.

Are they as harmful as cigarettes?

Electronic Cigarettes were invented to deliver nicotine without burning tobacco. Because ecigs do not burn tobacco there are no tar particles, fewer (if any toxic gases and other chemicals). Although no long terms studies have yet concluded any health benefits of ecigs over cigarettes, many health experts are quite certain that the absence of many of the harmful chemicals and toxins in ecigs make them a healthier option than cigarettes.

Do they give out smoke

No, Matchless Ecigs do not rely on burning or combusting therefore do not produce any smoke.

What is Vaping

Vaping is the act of inhaling vapour produced by an Electronic Cigarette or similar device which heats up a liquid, typically contains flavouring and nicotine.

I smoke cigarettes, which strength equals my current cigarette

Below is a helpful chart which should help you decide which nicotine strength is right for you:

0mg/ml Nicotine : No nicotine in your E-Liquid.
Zero nicotine level e-liquids are often used by people who have quit smoking but still want to continue their hand to mouth habit acquired during their period of smoking.

12mg/mL Low Level Nicotine
A comfortable level for people who enjoy nicotine but want to limit their exposure to it or are not heavy vapers. 12mg is comparable to light cigarettes.

16mg/16ml and 18mg/ml

This concentration of nicotine can be considered "medium strength" and can be compared to medium strength cigarettes. This is the most common level enjoyed by former smokers.

24mg/ml Nicotine

A higher level of Nicotine which can be compared to stronger strength cigarettes.
High strength nicotine liquids are often by used former heavy smokers who smoked a pack or more a day and is also used by vapers who enjoy the noticeable level of nicotine when they are vaping.

Do they smell like Cigarettes?

No, Matchless Electronic Cigarettes do not leave behind an odor which cigarettes do. This means no smelly clothes, hair, breathe, car and home.

There's enough vapour coming through my new ECig

When smoking a new Ecig for the first time allow around 4 to 5 puffs, after which you'll achieve the real taste and hit of the vapour.

My tank clogs up, what can I do?

If your tank is clogging up you may notice a reduced amount of vapour coming through on each puff or less of a "sizzle". To remedy the problem clear the tank or replace with a new cartomizer.

Why should I quit smoking and start vaping

In addition to all the obvious health benefits, a normal smoker on 20+ cigarettes per day spend around £10.00 each day. With Matchless Rechargeables you'll spend just £1 per day and around 50 per day on matchless juices.

Join over the 2 million cigarette smokers have made the switch from smoking to vaping.