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Save more when you spend with Matchless Coins

We love to show a little appreciation to our customers here at Matchless so we reward you with our own money saving currency - Matchless Coins. They’re easy to collect and spend:

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Earn Matchless Coins as you spend

We automatically credit your account with matchless coins each time you place on order at Matchless. You will earn 50 coins for each £1 that you spend. The more you spend the more coins we'll give back to you.

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Keep track of your coins

Keep a track of how many matchless coins you have in My Account. You can see the number of coins you’ve accumlated as well as transactions history

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Spend Matchless Coins

Spending your matchless coins couldn’t be simpler. Simply login to your account and enter how many coins you’d like to redeem during checkout and we’ll apply the discount to your order.

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Earn and Spend Mathcless Coins on all E-Cigarettes, E-Liquids and E-Cig accessories

Earn more matchless coins by referring friends

Refer your friends and earn even more matchless coins to spend at Matchless E-Cig UK. You’ll earn a whopping 20000 coins - equivalent to £20.00 each time you refer a friend and they place an order. What’s more is that we’ll even give your friends 25% off their first order, even more reasons for them to buy their e-cigarettes and e-liquids at Matchless!

Referring your friends is a easy, simply login in to your account and click the refer friends link in My Account. From there you can enter your friends names and email addreses and we’ll send them an email with a referral code and a link.

You can even share your referral code directly on social media without the need to send emails. You referral code is displayed in the referral section in my account. To get started click the button below.

Refer friends