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Stop smoking this Stopober with Matchless

150,000 people across England will be hoping to kick their habit of smoking this October for 28 days, why not join them?

Each October, Stoptober challenges you to stop smoking for a period of 28 days. The Public Health campaign cites that at the end of the 28 days, smokers are five times more likely to quit smoking.

Want to take part?

We hope so and you don’t need to go cold turkey. We at Matchless have the perfect range of products to accompany you through Stoptober and increase your chances of successfully abstaining from smoking and even quittting smoking altogether.

We really want you to make it!

That’s why we’ll give you a healthy 15% off your first order during october. If you’re new to Matchless simply enter the code STOPTOBER during checkout.

Up for the Challenge?

Increase your chances of succeeding at the Stoptober challenge with the following products:

Disposable E-Cigarettes Disposable E-Cigarettes Looks, feel & tastes like the real thing and ready to use out of the box! check them out
Rechargeable E-Cigarettes Rechargeable E-Cigarettes Just like the real thing and you can use these over and over again check them out
E-Cigarettes Tanks & Starter Kits Make it personal Mix and match your own flavours with our tanks kits which come with free flavours! check them out
for 15% off enter STOPTOBER during checkout

Got a question?

Contact our in house vaping specialist team to answer all of your questions on vaping and e cig products