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Cartridges vs Refillable E-Cigarettes - The Duel in the Clouds

E-Cigarettes come in three main varieties, disposables which are pre-filled and pre-charged, rechargeables which use cartridges containing e-liquid and those which use a tank in which you manually dispense some e-liquid into. Deciding which one of the three is more suitable for you will come down to you, each having their own pros and cons and fans, this guide will give you a clear idea of the main differences, advantages and disadvantages between the two types of e-cigs. Let us help you make a well informed decision when it comes to picking one.

Battery Life

Disposables are fixed sealed units with no need to charge or fill them. Most cartridge based e-cigarettes come in the form of a rechargeable battery section (typically white looking like the body of a cigarette) and separate screw on cartridges (typically brown looking like the filter of a cigarette). These are much smaller in size than refillable tank style e-cigs and so naturally house a much smaller battery. A battery life in a disposable e-cigarette tends to last for around 100 puffs, that in a rechargeable around 100-200 puffs, and that in a refillable considerable more as they tend to have larger batteries. Disposables tend to provide up to 200 puffs making them one of the longer lasting Disposable E-Cigarettes available on the market. Once the battery on a disposable e-cig has finished the device must be thrown away.

But, you can have the best of both worlds. If you do prefer the smaller size of a Disposable E-Cigarette and the simplicity of use then you’ll fancy the Matchless Rechargeable E-Cig. It’s the same as our disposable e-cig, only it doesn’t need to be thrown away once the battery is empty, but can be recharged for repeated use.

Ease of Use

The simplest type of e-cigs are disposable and are well suited to new users since there are no moving parts, charging or filling, you simply inhale.

Cartridge based E-Cigs are less fiddly than refillable tank based devices. The batteries are usually supplier part charged so they’re ready to vape out of the box and when it comes to replacing cartridges, you simply unscrew your cartridge, dispose of it and screw in your replacement. The simplicity and realist performance of using a cartridge based e-cig is what many customers find attractive about these e-cigs.

With refillable tank devices liquids must be dripped into the tank (also known as the clearomiser) and care must be taken not to overfill and not to let the e-liquid come in contact with skin. Clearomisers and the coils (heating elements) also regularly need to be cleaned and replaced every so often.

Replacing a cartridge and refilling a tank electronic cigarette

Choice of E-Liquid Flavour

If you’re happy with the selection of flavours available in Cartridges then you’ll find yourself at home with Cartridge Electronic Cigarettes. For those who are want to experiment with a larger variety of flavours the refillable e-cig is the obvious option. Any E-Liquid can be used with your refillable e-cig as the process of refilling is the same, you simply drop the liquid from the e-liquid bottle into the clearomiser. Users of refillable e-cigs can even mix different flavours and create their very own personal cocktail of e-liquid flavours for a truly personal vaping experience.

Whether you’re a fan of the Cartridge E-Cigarette, Disposable or Refillable E-Cigarette you’ll find a luscious variety of flavours for both devices in our online shop. All our flavours are available for both types of E-Cigarettes and bulk buyers stocking up on their liquids or cartridges will find some great bulk buy discounts

The Vape

The vapour produced by a cartridge e-cigarette is calibrated to match the same hit produced by a normal cigarette. Refillable E-Cigarettes come with more battery power and therefore are capable producing more vapour. For the average vaper the difference is probably not a huge one. If you’re a vaper who enjoys more clouds and a stronger hit than the average E-Cig provides then our refillable Variable Voltage E-Cigs would be just the right match for you. Variable Voltage E-Cigs allow you to control the amount of vape being produced as you inhale.

In Conclusion

Cartridge E-Cigarettes and disposables come ready to vape and look and feel more like a real cigarette. If you’re new to vaping these may be right for you. For those already using e-cigs and want to explore with different choices and mixes of flavours and different vape strengths then the refillable and variable voltage kits may be worth trying! To help you get started, we’ve put together some links below to help you navigate around the different category of products we’ve talked about in this guide.

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Refillable (Tank) Electronic Cigarettes

You’ll also find replacement cartridges and e-liquids in our online store (keep an eye out for the great bulk buy discounts on our e-liquids)