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How to Safely Recharge your E-Cigarette

There have been several reported stories in the news lately regarding batteries and electronic cigarettes exploding and even injuring users. The actual number of instances where this has happened is extremely low in ratio to the number of e-cigarette devices being used, nevertheless, your safety is absolutely paramount, even if the risk is small.

This guide is intended to provide you with some quick tips on how to recharge your e-cig devices without putting yourself or other at risk of injury or fire.

Recharge your E-Cigarette safely

Use the right charger

Although this is a no brainer, you’d be surprised how many people do not use the right charger for their device. It’s safest to use the charger which came with your device and when it comes to replacing it, replace it with the same charger from the same vendor. The charger that came with your e-cigarette will provide the battery with the right amount of current and power. Too much current can cause the battery to overheat and, according to Live Science, trigger a chain reaction leading an explosion, this is even more of an issue in some Lithium Ion batteries. You can read more about the science behind this in this detailed article:

Avoid Cheap chargers

If for whatever reason you can’t obtain a charger from the same supplier you purchased your e-cigarette from then make sure to purchase one from a reputable vendor or stockist.

Lost chargers

If you’ve lost your charger and not sure what the power ratings on your old charger were then first get in touch with your e-cig vendor and as them for a replacement charger for that particular device. They’ll know exactly which charger you need. Do this even if it means paying a little more, it’ll be cheaper in the long run.

General Safety Practices

As well as making sure you’re using the right charger, you should also:

  • Plug directly into a wall socket and avoid plugging them into a multi-socket extension.
  • Don’t leave your e-cigarette charging while you’re not there or overnight as not all e-cigarettes stop charging automatically when fully charged and this can be a fire hazard if the battery starts to overheat.
  • Don’t charge e-cigs which are damaged or no longer hold charge.
  • Keep fitted and regular tested smoke alarms in your house, this doesn’t directly apply to charging e-cigarettes but to all electrical devices and other potential fire hazards in your house.

If you’re a user of the Matchless range of Electronic Cigarettes you’ll find the chargers we supply are fully compatible and (BSI) British Standard tested. We strongly recommend you use only the chargers we stock with your Matchless Electronic Cigarette.