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Storing your E-Liquids

Buying E-Liquids in larger quantities can save you money, for example here at Matchless we provide discounts for people who buy our E-Liquids in bulk, the more you buy the more you save. This is a great way to save money but it may leave you with a problem in keeping those flavors tasting as fresh as they did when you purchased them.

E-Liquids contain Nicotine and flavours and both of these need to be stored under certain conditions otherwise your flavours may have dried up or lost its flavor by the time you get round to using it. This guide will help you avoid that disappointment.

Let there be no Light

Nicotine experts suggest that light causes Nicotine to oxidise, this is a chemical reaction which causes a change in colour of the e-liquid (similar to how air and water change the color of Iron in what we commonly recognize as rust).

Although light changes the colour of the Nicotine in your e-liquid, it does not alter its properties. That means the oxidised nicotine will continue to have the same physiological effects on you when inhaled. Therefore this shouldn’t be too much of a concern, but nevertheless you should store your E-Liquid in a dark place, away from light.

Keep it cool

Heat is your greatest enemy when it comes to preserving the taste of your flavours. Heat allows chemical reactions to occur in your e-liquid and the warmer the surroundings the more often these chemical reactions take place and this is because molecules move quicker under higher temperatures and collide and react with other molecules more often when they’re moving faster.

This is an issue with flavours because it results in the breakdown of ingredients to other smaller compounds and this consequently changes the taste of your e-liquid and sometimes the taste can be lost altogether.


Although avoiding Air altogether would only be possible if you could go the extremes of acquiring the use of a vacuum chamber, minimizing air by placing your e-liquid in an air tight container can help extend the life of your e-liquid a little. As already explained, Nicotine can be oxidized and this process is helped along by light and also the presence of Oxygen. However, the effect is minimal, we simply advise to keep your bottle lid closed and keep your liquid stored in air tight container if possible.

The rules for storing your e-liquid are pretty straightforward and easy to practice. Keep your e-liquid stored in a cool, dark and if possible – an air tight container.

Plants love light & air but your e-liquids don't

Long Term Storage

For longer term storage (few months) the same guidelines mentioned above apply. However there are a couple of additional measures you can take to keep your e-liquid stored away for long periods:

Keeping them in a Refrigerator / Freezer

Keeping your e-liquids stored in the refrigerator could help preserve the flavour over longer periods of time. It does so because the e-liquid is kept cool and as we learned earlier, warmer temperatures allow the chemical reactions which break down flavours to occur more frequently so cooler temperatures would have the opposite, more preserving effect.

Freezing flavours is also safe. E-liquids have a lower freezing point than water so placing your e-liquid in freezer will not cause it to actually freeze but may instead make it thicker. So be sure to let the liquid to warm up a little before using in your e-cigarette.

Keep them away from Pets and Children

Nicotine is poisonous in larger doses, and toxic when it comes into contact with skin or ingested directly. It could even be fatal. Because Nicotine is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin it’s important to keep your e-liquids away from children.

Most E-Liquids have child proof tops, however, these are by no means a guarantee that a child could not open it after a few minutes. The safest solution here is to simply keep them in a place where they can’t be reached and also just as importantly, where they can’t be seen. Children are curious, if they can see it they may try various ways to reach it, bear this in mind when choosing a place to store your e-liquids.