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Variable Voltage E-Cigs Explained

If you’re a newcomer to the world of vaping you may have little idea as to what a Variable Voltage (VV) E-Cigarette and whether or not nor you should upgrade from your regular e-cigarette to a variable voltage.

In the simplest of definitions, a Variable Voltage E-Cigarette is one which allows the user to control the voltage of the battery, allowing the user find a vapour, flavour and throat hit suitable for you, hence allowing you to personalise your vaping experience. For most vapers, this is all they need to know to get started with VV E-Cigarettes, for the more advanced users or the vape geeks, the science and math behind this also important in aiding them in finding their desired vaping experience.

The Effect on E-Liquid Flavours

Different E-Liquid flavours will also taste and produce a different density of vapour depending on the voltage of battery. Some flavours require less voltage to heat up and therefore produce a satisfying flavour and vapour at normal voltages, while others flavours such as Tobacco require more voltage to heat up. Variable Voltage E-Cigs allow you to adjust the voltage to match the flavour you’re vaping.

Throat Hit

Throat hit is a vaping related term which describes the feeling, strength and sensation produced in the back of your throat and lungs as you inhale vapour produced by your e-cigarette. The level of throat hit desired varies from one individual to the other. Some people will enjoy a stronger or sometimes even harsher throat hit while others may enjoy a much softer and smoother one. The voltage from your battery combined with the flavour will determine the level of throat hit you get. If you set the voltage too high on your E-Cigarette then the throat hit could be too strong and harsh or even damage your throat while on the other hand a voltage setting that is too low may fail to produce a noticeable volume of vapour and throat hit as you inhale.

Variable Voltage E-cigarettes increases the chances of quitting smoking

Throat hit can be an important factor in helping people who are using e-cigs to quit smoking for good. One of the most popular reasons why people switching to E-Cigs end up going back to smoking traditional cigarettes is the difference in throat hit they experience between smoking and vaping.

Variable Voltage E-Cigarettes can help you get a throat hit that matches your old brand of cigarettes. For example if you were a smoker of a stronger brand of cigarettes before you switched to vaping, then experimenting with higher voltages and stronger nicotine concentration Tobacco flavour e-liquids could really help you get the same sort of experience you did from smoking. This could be instrumental in helping you stay committed to vaping. Not forgetting those may be coming to vaping from a background of smoking lighter cigarettes, such as Silk Cuts, a medium voltage of around 7 v with a medium or low nicotine strength tobacco flavour would produce a similar throat hit and taste.

Overview of the Matchless variable Voltage E-Cigaratte

Should you Vape at Higher Voltages?

At higher voltage settings in your e-cig device more electricity will flow through, this has the following effects which will be either pro or con depending on your personal preference:

  • Denser vapor is produce as you inhale
  • Flavour is stronger / more intense. This would vary from flavour to flavour as different flavours heat and produce a vapour at different temperatures / voltages.
  • The vapour will be warmer
  • You’ll feel a stronger hit on your throat as you inhale.

Vaping at higher voltages does have some drawbacks too:

  • The coil heats up more at higher voltages, this will reduce the life of your coil and atomiser.
  • The more voltage you use the quicker you will drain the battery. Battery life can also be reduced.
  • At higher voltages the e-liquid in your e-cig will heat up much quicker, you’ll therefore be using up more juice at a quicker rate.

So while vaping at higher voltages produces stronger taste and a stronger hit, it reduces the life of the various components in your e-cig. Vaping at lower voltages extends the life of these components, but it produces a cooler vapour with a less intense flavour.

The great thing about Variable Voltage E-Cigarettes is that you can choose between the two experiences or even find your perfect sweet spot in between the two by gradually trying different voltages and liquids.