How to Vape Properly – A Guide to Vaping Correctly

Are you vaping properly? A quick look online reveals not everyone is. Some people complain of pain in their throat, a burnt taste or simply no flavour at all. Others say vaping makes them cough. Is any of this sounding familiar?

Suffice to say, it is possible to vape in the wrong way. The good news is, after you get through your first couple of days’ worth of vaping, you should know how to do it properly. Our advice will help as well.

Remember – you’re not smoking!

It sounds obvious, but it’s wise to remember you are vaping instead. While it may look similar, it is not the same thing. Plenty of people set about vaping their e-cigarette as if it was a real cigarette, but this won’t produce the best experience.

Inhale for a longer period of time

Around five seconds is probably the optimum amount of time you should aim for. Don’t exhale immediately either – reap the benefits of the vapour you’ve just taken in. This is when you will get the nicotine hit from the e-liquid you have chosen. Cigarette Smokers tend to need to take shorter draws on a cigarette, this isn’t the case for e-cigarettes.

Don’t overdo it

Some people make the mistake of vaping for the length of time they’d normally smoke a cigarette. This is a mistake. Most vapers take around five draws from their e-cig at a time. Don’t feel as though you haven’t vaped for long enough. This is a different experience to smoking, so you have to follow a different way of doing things.

Experiment with different liquids and strengths

You can get varying strengths of nicotine in e-liquids. Furthermore they come in different flavours too. Experiment to begin with until you find something that works and feels good for you.

Be prepared to go through a selection of e-liquids quite quickly initially

It takes time to learn how to vape properly. Even when you know the basics we’ve given you above, it could still take a while to get the hang of it. Many newbies to e-cigarettes end up going through their e-liquids far faster than they will once they get used to using them. You could be the same.

Of course, you may get the hang of vaping right from the start. If you recognise this is completely different to smoking, you’ll be more likely to do it right and get the benefits to begin with.

How are you getting on with vaping?