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Welsh Government Amends Proposed Ban on E-Cigs in Public

Some good news for e-cigarette smokers has come to light thanks to a U-turn from the Welsh Government.

The Government previously planned to ban people from using e-cigs in every public place. However, this has now been watered down and the proposals are now only likely to include places where there could be a “potential risk to children”. This could well mean restaurants and other similar outlets will have to ban vapers. Public transport is also likely to be affected by the new ban.

A statement issued by The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers argued that each licensee should be allowed to make their own decision on whether to ban e-cigs or not. The statement pointed to “heavy-handed legislation” and the possibility that such a ban could “seriously disrupt trade”.

No doubt vapers will have something to say about this. News that a blanket ban will now be ditched will come as a relief to many. However, since evidence indicates that vaping is far safer than smoking, some will be disappointed that a ban on vaping in pubs, clubs and eateries still looks set to be brought in.

No one wants children to come to harm, but it seems as though governments are perhaps being a little too quick to bring in laws against e-cigarettes without having done their research first. While no dates or further details were given concerning the changes, it still seems unlikely the Welsh government would completely back down on the ban. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, it looks as though vapers are gradually finding they have fewer and fewer places to vape. While some pubs and other public places have enacted their own bans on vaping, these bans do not apply to everyone. Not yet, anyway.

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How to Vape Properly – A Guide to Vaping Correctly

Are you vaping properly? A quick look online reveals not everyone is. Some people complain of pain in their throat, a burnt taste or simply no flavour at all. Others say vaping makes them cough. Is any of this sounding familiar?

Suffice to say, it is possible to vape in the wrong way. The good news is, after you get through your first couple of days’ worth of vaping, you should know how to do it properly. Our advice will help as well.

Remember – you’re not smoking!

It sounds obvious, but it’s wise to remember you are vaping instead. While it may look similar, it is not the same thing. Plenty of people set about vaping their e-cigarette as if it was a real cigarette, but this won’t produce the best experience.

Inhale for a longer period of time

Around five seconds is probably the optimum amount of time you should aim for. Don’t exhale immediately either – reap the benefits of the vapour you’ve just taken in. This is when you will get the nicotine hit from the e-liquid you have chosen. Cigarette Smokers tend to need to take shorter draws on a cigarette, this isn’t the case for e-cigarettes.

Don’t overdo it

Some people make the mistake of vaping for the length of time they’d normally smoke a cigarette. This is a mistake. Most vapers take around five draws from their e-cig at a time. Don’t feel as though you haven’t vaped for long enough. This is a different experience to smoking, so you have to follow a different way of doing things.

Experiment with different liquids and strengths

You can get varying strengths of nicotine in e-liquids. Furthermore they come in different flavours too. Experiment to begin with until you find something that works and feels good for you.

Be prepared to go through a selection of e-liquids quite quickly initially

It takes time to learn how to vape properly. Even when you know the basics we’ve given you above, it could still take a while to get the hang of it. Many newbies to e-cigarettes end up going through their e-liquids far faster than they will once they get used to using them. You could be the same.

Of course, you may get the hang of vaping right from the start. If you recognise this is completely different to smoking, you’ll be more likely to do it right and get the benefits to begin with.

How are you getting on with vaping?

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Vapers Are Fitter Than You Think

Plenty of people who vape do so as an alternative to smoking. In recent times it has been touted as one of the better ways to help people stop smoking altogether.

Up until now there hasn’t been too much information about the fitness levels of vapers, especially when compared to smokers (or indeed the average Briton). That’s all changed with the results of a recent survey that was undertaken to try and get some answers. It should be noted the survey was small, recording information from 500 people who took part. Everyone who responded was a vaper. With that said though, it does provide some interesting information that might point to the validity of a bigger survey in the future.

How fit are vapers?

Well, according to the survey results, 37% of the 500 people who were surveyed turned out to do more exercise every week than the average person in Britain does. Of course that does leave a further 63% who are not mentioned in terms of their response in this part of the results. However it does bear some thinking about.

A spokesperson for the people who conducted the survey said vapers felt better when exercising than if they were smoking. Smoking is known to leave people feeling short of breath and unable to exercise to the same levels non-smokers can. It makes sense then that if you switch to vaping, you could end up being able to do and enjoy more exercise purely because of that.

More vapers than ever before

You probably won’t be surprised to learn a recent survey found the number of vapers has increased from 4.5% last year to 6.7% this year. Could this mean more people would respond to a rerun of that same survey next year, and qualify as being fitter than the average Briton as well?

Regardless of where you stand on vaping, it’s worth thinking about how your own fitness levels might improve if you swapped from smoking to vaping. While electronic cigarettes still contain nicotine, the amount in each hit is far less than you’d get from a cigarette. It doesn’t take much then to imagine how much better and healthier you’ll feel if you do swap from smoking to vaping.

You might even find you agree with the results of the survey we mentioned above. Could you be fitter because you’d feel more able to take more exercise? Why not find out?

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Are E-Cigarettes Becoming a Lifestyle Accessory?

If you’re of a certain age, you may remember when smoking was trendy – long before we realised how bad it could be for you to do it. While some young people still regard it as such, there are signs that e-cigarettes could be taking over as the latest lifestyle choice for many.

It’s good to know smokers don’t have to feel self-conscious about vaping in public. E-cigs can make a statement – most people who see someone using one would assume they’re trying to give up smoking, so it has a positive association for many.

But while vaping is still pretty new, especially when compared to the history cigarettes have, it has already garnered a lot of attention. Not just because it can help you stop smoking, but because it really is registering as a lifestyle accessory. Just think of all the celebrities and film stars who have been spotted vaping in public. With people like Katy Perry, Charlie Sheen and Johnny Depp all getting in on the action, it’s no wonder e-cigs are becoming the in-thing.

Earlier last year we even saw Leonardo DiCaprio using an electronic cigarette while at the Golden Globe Awards. He was in good company too, as Julia Louis-Dreyfus was also using an e-cigarette on the same night.

Maybe it’s the increasing popularity of e-cigs that have made them quite the fashion statement. Certainly, the increasing number of celebrities that have been using them has helped no end to ensure they have gone high-profile. There’s also the fact they can be used in public places. While some venues have put a stop to people using them, others welcome vapers in lieu of cigarette smokers who used to bring in lots of revenue.

There’s also the question of e-cigs being quite the talking point. They’re certainly a conversation starter if you find yourself meeting someone else who vapes in public. Before you know it you’re comparing e-liquids, e-cigarettes and plenty else besides.

While you may not choose to use an e-cigarette purely as a lifestyle accessory, they certainly fit into that category as an added bonus of sorts. Whether we admit to it or not, we’re pretty taken by the choices we have in terms of the various parts that go to make up each e-cigarette. What strength do you like? What appearance do you go for? It all adds up to a personal choice – and that certainly makes a real statement.

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The Future of Vaping

It is not so unusual to see people vaping in the UK today. Many people are switching in the hope of being able to give up smoking altogether. Yet the future of this alternative to smoking is somewhat cloudy.

According to Public Health England, e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than regular cigarettes. However even with this encouraging news being revealed, the future of e-cigarettes could be wrapped up in legislation sooner than we may think.

Regulation, regulation, regulation

Well it was only going to be a matter of time before those in control decided to wrap the industry in layers of regulation. And now it is happening – and in a big way too.

Look up vaping regulation online and you’ll find results pertaining to regulatory controls in the US, the UK and across the EU among other areas. The UK, as part of the EU (for good or for bad, depending on your view) is covered by the contentious and controversial 2014 EU Tobacco Products Directive. The original version of this law is over a decade old. However, those in charge in the EU have now decided e-cigs should be included under this directive.

That’s despite e-cigs not containing any tobacco at all.

Not surprisingly, many people have disagreed with the regulation. One company, Totally Wicked, has launched a case that is now going to the European court of justice in the hope of successfully challenging these new laws. The EU law is set to come into force in May 2016.

Vaping is being banned in some quarters

Look a little closer (again, there are plenty of news stories online about vaping) and you will also find stories about vaping being banned. The National Park Service in America is going to ban vaping in all the places that regular smoking is currently banned. Clearly it equates one with the other.

Airports across the UK have also banned vaping anywhere in their buildings. Southern Trains also jumped on board a short while ago, banning the use of e-cigarettes on their trains as well. Other train companies got there before them, including Virgin and Northern Trains.

Could EU laws put many manufacturers out of business altogether?

The strict nature of the EU laws that will come into force next year look set to put smaller manufacturers out of business. The cost of complying with the rigorous legislation looks to be too much for many businesses. This is likely to leave only the biggest players in the marketplace left to continue trading.

As it stands, lots of things look set to be banned completely – refills larger than 10ml and e-liquids with a strength of more than 20mg to name just two. And very likely far fewer liquids and flavours will be available as well, thanks to the hoops the manufacturers will have to jump through.

We suspect higher prices and less choice might come to the vaping market. Perhaps most worrying of all is the reality that more people might just carry on smoking instead. Watch this space.

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Athletes who Vape

Ask a smoker why they are trying to give up and they will usually mention health as one of their top reasons. Plenty of people are switching to vaping to make quitting easier than it might otherwise be.

We’ve read about celebrities who vape, and are seen in public vaping instead of smoking, but what about athletes? This is an altogether different area. After all, peak physical fitness is vital if you are going to compete to the best of your ability against the best in the world.

The whirlwind Jimmy White vapes during tournaments

The whirlwind Jimmy White vapes during tournaments

Now we find it hard to believe there isn’t a single athlete or sports-person out there who doesn’t smoke or vape, even if it is only very occasionally. Yet it is very difficult to find evidence of anyone in the sports world vaping in public. We’re prepared to believe there are very few athletes who smoke, since it is known to be bad for your health and can reduce lung capacity too. Think about it – whatever type of sport you play, you will need good fitness levels and plenty of energy to keep up with the opposition. How many rugby players, footballers, tennis players and athletes can you think of that have stopped mid-game or competition, doubled up with a hacking cough?

However, we’ve discovered evidence of legends such as cyclist Bradley Wiggins smoking, not to mention footballer Wayne Rooney. It may only be the odd one, but they’ve done it nonetheless. Ironically it is much harder to unearth information about sportspeople vaping, although there are a few examples we can give you. David de Gea, a Premiership footballer, has been seen with an e-cigarette, for example.

A little further digging revealed that Jimmy White, a famous snooker player, also vapes now. He used to smoke, and now the days of smoking in snooker halls are over, he can at least vape while taking part in matches between frames.

Yet we can see that vaping in the sporting world still seems to be a rarity. But is it, or is it just that we never see these people doing it? After all, while some sports stars smoke, they’re not usually seen doing it that often. If they have switched to vaping they may not do that very often either.

We think there are probably fewer sports stars smoking or vaping than there are in the general population. So maybe that makes them harder to find. What do you think?

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Should Vaping Be Banned in Public Places?

In came the smoking ban and out went the smokers, as far as public places were concerned. More and more people have switched to vaping instead, and for good reason. Many use e-cigs to help wean them off cigarettes, and they have the advantage of being legal to use in public places too. Of course you should always consider any specific rules pubs, clubs or similar places might have before you vape. Some of them do disagree with using them.

With that said though, plenty of people are asking whether vaping will always be allowed in public places. Some e-cigarettes look very realistic and it isn’t always easy to tell whether they are e-cigs or cigarettes.

The Welsh government hit the headlines recently when it announced it was drawing up plans to ban vaping in enclosed public spaces. If the plans go ahead, they would probably be enforced in 2017. The definition of an enclosed public space means you wouldn’t be able to vape in a pub or in a restaurant, for example. Offices would also be out of the question. However you could still vape in public, such as in the park or while out walking.

Think about this for a moment. If this plan is enforced and becomes law, it means it would be illegal (in Wales at least) to smoke or vape in an enclosed space. So the very reason many people switched to vaping in the first place – namely to get around the smoking ban – would no longer be there.

E-cigarettes do still have nicotine in them, but it is there in a measured dose. It is also available at different strengths and it can help people wean themselves off cigarettes. Over time some people will likely stop vaping too, while others will continue instead of going back to real cigarettes.

Perhaps the biggest question here is whether the English and Scottish parliaments would bring in similar legislation to ban e-cigs being used in enclosed public spaces if Wales does bring in the law. It looks as though it is very likely they will.

So if you are vaping at the moment, and enjoying the ability to vape wherever you like – on trains, in restaurants and in the pub – what will you do if you are banned from doing so? Would you continue vaping or go back to the real thing again?

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How Many Celebs are Vaping?

Plenty of people have made the switch from real cigarettes to e-cigs. So it should come as no surprise to learn that celebrities are jumping on board too.

In fact there are plenty of celebrities flaunting their chosen e-cigs when they’re out and about. They’ve been hitting the news for it too, as more and more people are realising they’re in good company whenever they vape.

Katy Perry has recently been spotted a few times with a ecig

Katy Perry has recently been spotted a few times with a ecig

Julia-Louis Dreyfus turned heads at the 2014 Golden Globe awards when she vaped on camera. She wasn’t the only celeb to do it there either – some guy called Leonardo di Caprio, no less, was also seen vaping while wearing his rather smart dinner jacket. He’s been photographed on several other occasions with his favourite e-cigarette too.

Charlie Sheen has gone one step further than vaping. He has released his own brand called Nicosheen (we think that has a nice ring to it). He took up vaping when he realised he couldn’t easily smoke while on tour, and avoided getting fined because of it.

Katy Perry is known for her unique music sound, and now she is becoming known as a celebrity music vaper too. Another music star to vape – albeit one that has been around a lot longer than Katy – is Tom Petty. He’s thought to have made the switch so he can take a healthier approach to life.

One Direction singer Zayn Malik smoking an E-Cig

One Direction singer Zayn Malik smoking an E-Cig

Zayn Malik, formerly of One Direction (you may have heard of them), is also known to have started vaping. Robbie Williams and Snoop Dog have also been rumoured or seen to vape from time to time.

Simon Cowell, he of The X-Factor fame, has admitted to having a heavy smoking habit in the past. Nowadays he has switched things up and has started vaping instead. One of his fellow judges on Britain’s Got Talent, Amanda Holden, revealed all when she was interviewed. Apparently Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (formerly Cheryl Cole of Girls Aloud) has also taken up the vaping habit.

Elsewhere the famous (or should that be infamous?) Lindsey Lohan has also hit the headlines for vaping in public. And Katherine Heigl vaped on David Letterman’s show way back in 2010, so she was really ahead of the crowd. They talked about e-cigs and the benefits of using them as opposed to smoking.

So there is quite a crowd of celebs out there, both in the UK and on the other side of the pond, who are vaping now rather than smoking.

They’re not the only one’s doing it…

Leonardo DiCaprio was seen vaping at the Golden Globe Awards

Leonardo DiCaprio was seen vaping at the Golden Globe Awards

Paris Hilton seen at a club vaping

Paris Hilton seen at a club vaping

Katherine Heigl on the Letterman show

Katherine Heigl on the Letterman show

Vaping in Las Vegas - Jack Nicholson

Vaping in Vegas – Jack Nicholson

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