How the New Vaping Laws Will Affect You

Did you know there are new laws concerning vaping coming into force from 20th May this year? From that day onwards, e-cigarettes will be regarded as a ‘tobacco-related product’. That means you’ll be limited to the size of refills you can buy, among other things. Nothing over the size of 10ml will be able to be sold anymore. Along the same lines, the cartridges will be reduced in size too, and will only be capable of holding 2ml at a time.

If that wasn’t enough, you won’t be able to get a strong hit either. If you are relying on the maximum 24mg strength at the moment, your days of doing that are numbered. Instead, you’ll only be able to purchase a maximum hit of 20mg from 20th May onwards.

Child-proof containers and packaging will also be required by law from that date. We’d hope you would keep all your e-cigarette paraphernalia out of reach of children anyway, but just to be sure, the new directive (an updated version of the 2001 Tobacco Products Directive) will require all packaging to be child-proof.

There will also be higher hurdles for the manufacturers to clear in order to get their products onto the market in the first place. They’ll be required to submit detailed reports on each of their proposed products, so the government in their country can determine whether or not their product is safe to sell.

These rules have concerned many vapers, who think the new regulations amount to unnecessary interfering. This could be the case, but in some instances it is also easy to see why the rules have been brought in. It is hoped greater regulation will lead to greater safety, but is this really the case? What is your point of view on the new regulations?