Welsh Government Amends Proposed Ban on E-Cigs in Public

Some good news for e-cigarette smokers has come to light thanks to a U-turn from the Welsh Government.

The Government previously planned to ban people from using e-cigs in every public place. However, this has now been watered down and the proposals are now only likely to include places where there could be a “potential risk to children”. This could well mean restaurants and other similar outlets will have to ban vapers. Public transport is also likely to be affected by the new ban.

A statement issued by The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers argued that each licensee should be allowed to make their own decision on whether to ban e-cigs or not. The statement pointed to “heavy-handed legislation” and the possibility that such a ban could “seriously disrupt trade”.

No doubt vapers will have something to say about this. News that a blanket ban will now be ditched will come as a relief to many. However, since evidence indicates that vaping is far safer than smoking, some will be disappointed that a ban on vaping in pubs, clubs and eateries still looks set to be brought in.

No one wants children to come to harm, but it seems as though governments are perhaps being a little too quick to bring in laws against e-cigarettes without having done their research first. While no dates or further details were given concerning the changes, it still seems unlikely the Welsh government would completely back down on the ban. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, it looks as though vapers are gradually finding they have fewer and fewer places to vape. While some pubs and other public places have enacted their own bans on vaping, these bans do not apply to everyone. Not yet, anyway.