Are E-Cigarettes Becoming a Lifestyle Accessory?

If you’re of a certain age, you may remember when smoking was trendy – long before we realised how bad it could be for you to do it. While some young people still regard it as such, there are signs that e-cigarettes could be taking over as the latest lifestyle choice for many.

It’s good to know smokers don’t have to feel self-conscious about vaping in public. E-cigs can make a statement – most people who see someone using one would assume they’re trying to give up smoking, so it has a positive association for many.

But while vaping is still pretty new, especially when compared to the history cigarettes have, it has already garnered a lot of attention. Not just because it can help you stop smoking, but because it really is registering as a lifestyle accessory. Just think of all the celebrities and film stars who have been spotted vaping in public. With people like Katy Perry, Charlie Sheen and Johnny Depp all getting in on the action, it’s no wonder e-cigs are becoming the in-thing.

Earlier last year we even saw Leonardo DiCaprio using an electronic cigarette while at the Golden Globe Awards. He was in good company too, as Julia Louis-Dreyfus was also using an e-cigarette on the same night.

Maybe it’s the increasing popularity of e-cigs that have made them quite the fashion statement. Certainly, the increasing number of celebrities that have been using them has helped no end to ensure they have gone high-profile. There’s also the fact they can be used in public places. While some venues have put a stop to people using them, others welcome vapers in lieu of cigarette smokers who used to bring in lots of revenue.

There’s also the question of e-cigs being quite the talking point. They’re certainly a conversation starter if you find yourself meeting someone else who vapes in public. Before you know it you’re comparing e-liquids, e-cigarettes and plenty else besides.

While you may not choose to use an e-cigarette purely as a lifestyle accessory, they certainly fit into that category as an added bonus of sorts. Whether we admit to it or not, we’re pretty taken by the choices we have in terms of the various parts that go to make up each e-cigarette. What strength do you like? What appearance do you go for? It all adds up to a personal choice – and that certainly makes a real statement.