Vapers Are Fitter Than You Think

Plenty of people who vape do so as an alternative to smoking. In recent times it has been touted as one of the better ways to help people stop smoking altogether.

Up until now there hasn’t been too much information about the fitness levels of vapers, especially when compared to smokers (or indeed the average Briton). That’s all changed with the results of a recent survey that was undertaken to try and get some answers. It should be noted the survey was small, recording information from 500 people who took part. Everyone who responded was a vaper. With that said though, it does provide some interesting information that might point to the validity of a bigger survey in the future.

How fit are vapers?

Well, according to the survey results, 37% of the 500 people who were surveyed turned out to do more exercise every week than the average person in Britain does. Of course that does leave a further 63% who are not mentioned in terms of their response in this part of the results. However it does bear some thinking about.

A spokesperson for the people who conducted the survey said vapers felt better when exercising than if they were smoking. Smoking is known to leave people feeling short of breath and unable to exercise to the same levels non-smokers can. It makes sense then that if you switch to vaping, you could end up being able to do and enjoy more exercise purely because of that.

More vapers than ever before

You probably won’t be surprised to learn a recent survey found the number of vapers has increased from 4.5% last year to 6.7% this year. Could this mean more people would respond to a rerun of that same survey next year, and qualify as being fitter than the average Briton as well?

Regardless of where you stand on vaping, it’s worth thinking about how your own fitness levels might improve if you swapped from smoking to vaping. While electronic cigarettes still contain nicotine, the amount in each hit is far less than you’d get from a cigarette. It doesn’t take much then to imagine how much better and healthier you’ll feel if you do swap from smoking to vaping.

You might even find you agree with the results of the survey we mentioned above. Could you be fitter because you’d feel more able to take more exercise? Why not find out?