E-Cigarettes Will Be Banned on London Midland Train Stations

Vapers who use stations that have London Midland train services running through them will be disappointed to hear they’ll no longer be able to vape on these stations from 1st December.

The ban applies to both staff members and passengers, and covers a total of 147 stations all over the country. Other buildings and depots belonging to London Midland will also fall into line with the ban. Passengers will not be able to use e-cigarettes on any of London Midland’s trains either from this date. This applies across the Warwickshire area as well as in other locations across the country.

Which stations are affected?

Although we cannot give a complete list, some of the stations which will no longer permit vaping to take place include Nuneaton, Stratford Parkway and Kenilworth.

Is London Midland the first train company to do this?

No – it is following in the footsteps of Virgin Trains. They decided to ban vaping at all their stations and on their trains earlier in 2015. This makes it more likely London Midland will simply be one of several train companies to bring in similar bans in the near future.

Why are they banning vaping?

According to a spokesman for the company, they are acting after receiving feedback from customers and also from staff members. The general consensus appears to be that vaping should be banned along with smoking.

Since this was part of a statement made on behalf of London Midland, we have no way of knowing how many passengers and staff members wanted the ban to come into force. No doubt some people will be disappointed at the ban. The idea of vaping is to provide a safer alternative to smoking, and one that can persuade many people to give up smoking altogether.

Up until now, vapers have been able to vape in many areas where smoking would not be allowed. However, it seems that as time passes we are hearing of more and more occasions where vaping is being banned.

We predict that as Virgin Trains and London Midland have banned vaping, so other train companies may soon follow suit. Needless to say we shall keep a close eye on any moves made by other train companies. Could we soon see a complete ban on vaping on any trains anywhere in the country? It remains to be seen.